Seamus Grassick – Grassick Motors

An update from…

Following on from my previous post:


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6 responses to “Seamus Grassick – Grassick Motors

  • mud4fun

    Oh no, that is not good. 😦

  • Mark Travis

    Please help. I am worried after reading this. I purchased a 2008 Volkswagen Passat ten days ago from Mr Grassick. Everything was fine and the car is good and it is Hpi clear but I have read all these posts and have become nervous. What can I do for reassurance. Should I call to his place in Newbury. It’s just off Andover Road. Help!!!!!!!

  • LB

    Nothing I can say really. My car is gone, my money is gone & Grassick is gone.

  • mark

    i bought a jaguar x type from shamus grassick from grassick holdings 7 months ago had a couple of problems as tyres were low but he changed them straight away with new ones from the garage next door and i needed a new front shock mount. with the shock mount he said he would fix it but everytime i went there as requested and agreed with shamus with a time he was not there! i had the work done myself and rang shamus to tell him this and he said he would send me a cheque in the post to cover the cost of the repair and to my surprise he DID!! other than that i still have the car now and has been fine ever since.

  • LB

    Sounds like you are the exception to the rule.

    I gave him every opportunity to fix it or replace it, and now I have nothing.

  • mark

    i do feel for you its not nice at all and if i was in your position id be pretty pissed tbh i hope you do catch up with him or are able to claim your money back

    kind regards


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