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A quick insight…

Failure only happens when you stop trying.

Having a positive outlook on life – no matter how hard it gets -is a very important thing. Many of my blog entries hit on this point and I hope that some of the things I say will encourage others to keep their heads above water and to keep on kicking.

I will say that a hard life is relative though, as hardship for me is may be a luxury for another man.

The inquisitive side of me is always looking for something new to learn about, or to explore ideas – either alone or as part of a team. When reading I will often find a subject within a book that leads me to the libraries and internet to find out more – and it doesn’t matter about the subject matter – I simply have a passion for research, learning, gaining and sharing knowledge.

I don’t like to leave questions unanswered. I have always liked to keep my mind active, so after my family I turn to reading, music, films and computing fill the remainder of my time.

I’m looking for that big step up. I’m eager, willing but just can’t seem to find the pulse – but will not quit trying.

The Why of Sometimespace…

I started blogging just before Alex was born, as a diary that he can look back on one day to see what was going on in his early years – Humour, rants, politics, technology, cars and plenty of other stuff.

Various family occasions and events get thrown onto these electronic walls, and a fair bit about me. Occasionally Christine will post an entry – so keep an eye out for any horse related stuff!

I thought I knew a lot about my Dad before he passed away, but after talking to his old friends and colleagues I realised I hardly knew anything about him! I am often surprised about the things he did, and as such this triggered me into a bit of family tree digging….and the decision to leave a family trail for my own son and family.

Although it was meant as a blog for Alex to look back on, it has grown into something that people can read without having to know me or the family. It has become a melting pot of words and pictures, and sure you may find some of it irrelevant but I hope you get something from the bits that you find interesting.

– LB 2009

(Note: Click the smaller pictures in the posts to see a bigger view)

My main blog can be always found at SOMETIMESPACE, and bounced between various hosts, but WordPress.COM seems to offer me the best place for blogging, so I’ve settled here for the time being.

I’m always on the look out for a better blog site, and WordPress is my latest.

WordPress is more involved, but well worth getting into. It’s not too tricky – just take some time out to go through it and you’ll end up with a good, powerful blog. Give me a shout if you hit problems and I’ll even help where I can.

That being said, I have my iPhone (*joy*) I am finding WordPress a very good site indeed – and it even has a dedicated iPhone publishing application. A bit of time getting used to it and I think most other bloggers would appreciate it too. Lots of good options, and as good as you want it to be.


Lucas Black – Aug 2008 (Edit Jan 2012)


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