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Seamus Grassick – Grassick Motors

An update from http://www.whatsmycarworth.com…

Following on from my previous post: https://moretimespace.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/second-hand-car-problems-again/


Second Hand Car Problems… Again

I’ve been here before, and last time the garage I dealt with split up.

Many people who had been mistreated by certain people within that garage stepped forward due to my write up, and the person who sold the car to us purchased it back.

The funny thing was that due to the number of hits that my website gets, my website came up FIRST on Internet searches like GOOGLE when people tried looking for that garage. That meant that they first thing people read was how bad that garage was, and straight away they looked elsewhere. Additionally other people used my site to put together information and track other bad dealers down.

Well it all resolved quite nicely & I really didn’t fancy having to do it again. I mean if I had to do it again I have made lots of good contacts from last time, but I think I’d rather just go direct to the courts & hit hard. I don’t like being messed around.

ANYWAY… The old Audi died and I purchased a used SEAT ALHAMBRA from Seamus Grassick of GRASSICK MOTORS LTD (GRASSICK HOLDINGS) in Wokingham.

He seems a very nice chap, and very helpful. He even fixed some ‘little’ faults that were on the vehicle when I went to buy it… Well, the flat tyre had to be mentioned a couple of times, but it got changed… as did a second tyre that went down whilst they were changing the first tyre… You know… so it was safe to drive.

One recurring fault has seemed to cause a problem, and although I am well within my legal rights to get a refund, I thought I’d let him sort it out.

The fault meant the car kept stalling. If I was at speed it would buck & restart (bump start under its own momentum), but at slow speeds it would shudder to a halt (as happened trying to leave a junction & turning across oncoming traffic into a garage.

On one occasion the jolt of a restart caused the wheels to spin on a roundabout. Most definitely not safe. On each occasion (apart from the roundabout) my 7 year old son was in the car with me.

I’ll let you make your minds up by leaving my text messages here for you to view.

Do you think I’m being fair with him?

Click on the photos to see them full size.



For general information, you might find this interesting… SALE OF GOODS ACT 1979 (Amended).

One other thing is that his website and the cars he has on AUTOTRADER have incorrect mileage listed compared to some of the cars I looked at physically at his sales forecourt, but surely that’s an innocent mistake?

After all, we all make mistakes. It’s not like they’ve been clocked, is it?

He said that my cars mileage was just a simple error because someone put the mileage the cam-belt was changed on the advert as the current mileage. Oops! Fair enough.

The thing is, after walking around his sales forecourt with his website open on my iPhone, it turns out that quite a few cars have had a similar mistake made on their adverts… Make your own minds up.

Probably just another simple error, yes? (Click for full size image.)
NOTE: AUTOTRADER only host the adverts & pictures as supplied by the seller. They take this sort of misleading information (intentional or ‘in error’) seriously.


I do hope I’m being fair. I’ve always considered myself fair.

****** UPDATE: I’m too fair. *******

Seems Seamus Grassick has apparently done a runner & cleared out his forecourt.


I’ve contacted Hampshire, Surrey & Thames Valley Police & they are looking into the matter. I have explained that this was simply a case of wanting my money back, but upon seeing this review site today – with reviews FROM today – saying he’s fled, I wanted to check if it was true & if it was true, then I would like to step forward with evidence & assist. Also if it’s true I shall be pressing for legal action against him.

Things can only get better…

Do you remember the heady delights of my recent past ? I certainly do. Such memories!

Things slowly levelled out once I got my new job. After ending up with all cards, accounts and overdrafts maxed whilst trying to keep our heads above the water line I thought things were finally working out….

Sure, we’re living one month to the next whilst getting back on our feet, but we are in a position where we (thought) we could see light at the end of the tunnel – Oh how I laugh!

You see, the Almighty (must be one, because blind bad luck just isn’t this constructive) took me saying “At least it can’t get any worse…” as a challenge. As per usual, the Omnipotent one has been playing with a marked deck….

I got a trip to America recently with the new company – It was business, but so cool too! A new experience for me. On the weekend of my return some numpty idiot driver decided to try and drive through a solid object… that object being my wife and Alex in Bernie¬† (The Berlingo….. not my idea…).

That wrote the car off, so we had to get another car…. bear in mind we live from month to month with no spare cash…..

During the time the claim was being investigated we were supplied a courtesy car – a rather lovely Golf TDi… We were told that once the claim was settled we would have the car for 8 days after receiving the money so we had time to buy a new car… 8 days… that’s a bit of a push!

The Golf TDi... I want one!

The Golf TDi... I want one!

After the fuss of claiming for the car crash (the other party admitted it all) we finally had the cheque sent to us… BUT we were then told that the courtesy car had to go back 8 days after the claim was settled…. which means settled – post cheque – 3 days -, clear cheque – 5 days, have money to buy car… 8 days after settling… HANG ON… that’s the day we give the courtesy car back! We have just one day to buy a car!

I dropped Chris at work last weekend and my Mother in Law came up to help look after Alex as we toured car lots looking for cars. I didn’t want to go private as I only had enough money for a deposit until the cheque cleared, and I also wanted some warranty – so trade sales were the way forward.

As I only had the day to buy a car, I decided to look for 2 types of car. A long distance car for me, or a town car for Chris. We need two cars, so at least if I could get one of those I’d be in a better position – and it gave me double the options on my 1 day shopping trip…

The first car I looked at was okay… the place it was being sold from was okay…. and then we checked out a list of other cars throughout the whole day…..

Each new place had a dodgier car and dodgier sales people…. it was futile! We ended up at some guys house. He had three cars in various states of dirt, grime and rust… and a big old scar on his face…. he seemed honest enough, I’ll give him that, but I just didn’t feel this was right… not from his driveway instead of a sales lot!

A Cowboy yesterday

A Cowboy about to sell a car yesterday

So the day ended with me planning to go back to that very first car… much like a lady going shoe shopping….. Spend all day and then choose shoe number 1….

All the places had shut, so I would have to go back to car number one the following day. All that was left to do was to pick Chris up from work.

On the way back from her work I decided to take a 2 minute detour to pass a place I knew from years ago – a place I had bought a car from before….

YES!!! You are right!!! There wasn’t one available.

We drove off……

… only to find Farnham Carriage Company on the same road… a place I didn’t know existed…a supermarket car park sized lot full of cars!!!

It was closed, but unlocked so we took a walk around. Nothing…. until we realised the cars carried on around the corner of the lot and into the distance… and still nothing…. until we saw a small purple Ford Fiesta…..

57,000 miles on the clock. Spotless interior. All original. Engine bay was spotless – even the fabric wadding under the bonnet was in mint condition! All that for ¬£995…..

I called the guy and said I’d be back….

We pick “Filbert” up tomorrow….

“Hurrah!” I hear you cry! Things are working out for you! A random chance at a random place and you spot a car! Bravo….

Yes… you’d be right to think that…. but the wise would think that this must just be a part of a greater plan to set me up for a fall… Offer me a chair and then whip it away as I sit down…

Thursday night We settle down to go to bed. I have the Doctors the next day as I have a really bad ear ache (5 days, getting worse… lots of pain – silly to go to work as I was dizzy and really not thinking straight – but I work through stuff that isn’t contagious.. if I can).

At 1.30am Chris notices the bed is wet… and it isn’t either of us (yet) or the mental pussy cat that sleeps at that spot…… a glance at the ceiling shows it bulging down a good 4 inches… dripping away….

Trouble - The Mental Pussy Tat - (Blergh)

"Trouble" - The Mental Puddy Tat


I quickly go into the loft (for the first time in ages) and see sodden wood frames and a dripping ball cock valve… I quickly wrap tape tightly around the valve to stem he drip… but really… this little drip is nothing…. it’s the time it has been dripping that was the problem…

Chris calls out that she needs to change buckets (as she was on bucket duty in the bedroom… drip catching). She says severla leaks have started… it only takes a slight touch and another leak appears…. the ceiling is on the very edge of letting go…

I run to Alex’s room, tip all of his toys from a huge toy bucket (half a bath size.. lots of noise, yet he carried on snoring!) and put it under the massed holes. Chris held it as I went rapidly stabbing the lowest part of the bulge…

A good 15 Gallons of dirty, fibre glass, wood, nails and plaster brown stinking water rushed out of the golf ball sized hole….

Further inspection in the loft showed that it was a matter of seconds before the ceiling would have collapsed… the whole panel was sodden and pulp.

Swollen Wood

I shut the water off outside (we didn’t have a tool at first…. then realised that last year the shut off was changed to a modern unti that can be done by hand….). Flushed the toilet, let taps run… released as much weight and water from the loft as possible.

Chris called up the Lloyds TSB Premier customer hotline as we have emergency cover with them….. they couldn’t get a guy out until 8am!!! NICE! That’s emergency for you….

I felt rubbish. It was 3.30am, I was coughing due to the damp and fibreglass. My ear was pounding…Sleep was near impossible so I chatted a while on Twitter whilst Chris got some shut eye. The wonderful ShoeGal007 chatted with me for a while and kept me sane. Twitter is such a lifesaver at times. As I’ve said before, it’s like a big social gathering of friends, colleagues and the Yellow pages! If you want to know something, then you just ask – or you can just chat away!

I got to sleep and shortly woke to go to work… but it didn’t take long to realise that that wasn’t going to happen. Admitting defeat I called in… I wasn’t happy.

A further call to Lloyds TSB and we found the next emergency plumber would be available after lunch, and not at 8am…. so I cancelled him. I had seen where the leak was, and knew it was a two minute job.

See…. It can’t get any worse….

We went out and brought a 12p washer…. and the job was done. All that was left was the wrecked ceiling, sodden storage boxes in the loft and the mouse poop….

WHAT? Mouse poop?

Yup… after the flood I noticed nibbled boxes in the loft space…. and clucters of mouse poop everywhere. Of we went to get mouse traps and sonic repellents to try and fix that problem…

No idea yet as to what the next move will be. We have insurance assessors due to look at the damaged ites, and surveyoys to check out the building itself, but then I don’t know…. I’ve never been here before!

I’ve never claimed any insurance before in my life until the last 3 weeks….. then house and car come along at once!

I’ll tell you what though – I’m not even going to hint at “Things can only get better…” because I’m sure some all seeing being will just take me up on that challenge….

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