Evocative Faceslap

I was listening to Adagio for Strings, Op.11 whilst I was going through news sites on line.

I watched some footage of both the Boston bomb & the Texas explosion… and the haunting violin music played on…

….and wondered why Fox News hadn’t already done this… Just slowed the video footage down & played Adagio for Strings over the top of it, pulling focus & then panning the scene, going in tight on a scared child’s face… You know, just to really pander to America’s heart strings. They seem that sort of a news network.

In fact, even a slow motion video of a big dog crapping becomes an epic emotional event when Adagio for Strings is played over it.

I expect Fox will realise this soon & use it in every news item they air.

…. AND THEN…. I go to look for a clip of the music to add to this blog entry for those who don’t know it, and I straight away find it … played over pictures of the 9/11 attacks…


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7 responses to “Evocative Faceslap

  • mud4fun

    Lovely piece of music, shame that the majority of the general public only get to experience such great classical music as background music to disaster clips. 😦

  • LB

    I agree. There’s so much choice in classical music. People just need to give it a go. There’s something for everyone.

  • mud4fun

    I enjoy listening to opera. I’m by no means an expert and I struggle to remember the names of composers or songs but I have a few great CD’s that I’ll listen to in the car. Sadly I find classical and opera music quite anti-social. Actually let me re-phrase that, my wife finds it quite anti-social. This is because I like to listen to my music with no other noises to distract from the quality of the sound so I shut the lounge door and ask that the kids be quiet……of course getting our youngsters to remain quiet for five mins is difficult enough let alone for the entire duration of ‘The Marriage Of Figaro’ so these days I rarely listen to my music at home, preferring the relative tranquility of the pickup truck.

  • LB

    I hear you! I listen to it in the Landy or car when I’m on the way to a shooting match. A nice bit of Mozart to get me focused.

  • mud4fun

    It is funny, many people question how I can contemplate driving a Series Land Rover over huge distances due to their slowness whereas for me the single biggest problem is noise. I don’t mind how slow the truck is, if it is quiet and I can have the music on then I’ll happily drive all day. I’m desperate to get soundproofing fitted to our 109″ so I can fit the CD player. I really miss having my music on whilst driving.

  • LB

    Bigger speakers…

    For the old 88″ I did the following:

    I got some expanded polystyrene (tiles or old packing) and filled in the doors (expanding foam works too). I lined the roof & cab back sides & roof with old thick carpet (using carpet tile glue).

    Next will be some rubber/foam sheets & line the foot wells & bulkhead.

    It’ll mute it a fair bit.

  • mud4fun

    Soundproofing is on the list for this summers ‘improvements’ 🙂

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