Crap!!! Crap EVERYWHERE!!!

Has anyone else notice the huge number of dog walkers now that the sun is shining?

It makes you wonder what these people do with their dogs during the rest of the year. They probably just let them run around their gardens.

Those gardens must be FULL OF SHIT though. The number of these fair weather walkers has increased, and with it the number of dog shit left all over the woods, lakes & nature trails has increased. Worse still are the wankers who bag the turd up… AND LEAVE IT THERE!!!

On top of all this, the current heat wave mixed with the amount of dog eggs left festering at the path sides or on playing fields, is kicking off quite a stink.


I own animals. They take exercise and looking after. When we walk the dog we bag the poo & bin it (you can use any roadside bin, not just poop bins).

So these wanker’s gardens must be knee deep in shit from the evidence that they don’t clean up after their dogs. OR maybe they are sociopathic dicks who only clean up in their own homes, but fuck everyone else.

These fair weather walkers are ruining it for other dog walkers & general walkers. Our local lake & heath is being looked at in regards to banning dogs due to the cunty shit leaving low life sociopathic fuck witted walkers who think that THEIR dog crap is not THEIR responsibility.

If I catch you, I’ll rub your pathetic faces in it. Maybe that’ll teach you to pick it up.

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One response to “Crap!!! Crap EVERYWHERE!!!

  • mud4fun

    LOL, so true, we no longer own any dogs due to my increasingly severe allergy to them but even I’ve noticed the increase in dog walkers recently.

    However I would extend your ‘cunty shit leaving low life sociopathic fuck witted’ expletive to the owners of trophy dogs that only own them to show off to others but once at home the dog is left abandoned outside in their garden where it then barks incessantly all day and night – as in the case of the idiots we have living in the house behind us.

    While I love animals and my family have always had dogs since before I was born, I do not like being kept awake all night by neighbours barking dogs.

    Not that anything gets done about it as we have complained to council/dog warden and the neighbours have been written to and yet they still leave the dog outside for hours and hours in all weathers.

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