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KoS Prod, originally uploaded by L.B.

Seldom do I sing the praises of products….but after the Azor came out I was impressed and had to spread the word….

Since the beginning of June I have become a shaving convert. I know when Alex reaches his shaving age he won’t have the concerns I did about taking a sharp blade to my face (yes..it did scare me as a kid!).

The beginning of June… Shaving was just something I had to do, and I didn’t care much for it.

My shower had a mortgage inducing Gillette razor and whatever gel I first grabbed from the supermarket shelf – After all, they are all the same, aren’t they?

I then tried a KoS Alpha Gel… but I ran out of blades so bought a cheap Bic….and got a better shave than with the Gillette….So I realised that the type of Gel is a major player in a good shave then… KoS Alpha gel is just that – a gel. It doesn’t turn into a massive foamy covering, it stays clear so you can see what you are doing, and the razor glides over it.

I then decided to try the oil….with great results…and then I got with the whole program – “Prime – Shave – Protect”… and have found that a good shave is refreshing, relaxing and worth having.

Finally the KoS Azor came along…and after a couple of shaves getting used to the new style blade and handle ergonomics, I became a convert!

It turns out there is more to shaving than an overpriced Gillette and a fistful of foam.

Go on….ask……”How much do I get for this advertising?”

The incredibly cheesy answer is “I just get a great shave from a product that I think more people should try”.

WWW.KMISHOP.COM for KoS products.

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