Azor v Fusion at 600x

Azor v Fusion at 600x, originally uploaded by L.B.

Yes, yes…here we go again – but this time you don’t need to just take my word for it….. here is my own photographic evidence of the new Azor (hush up at the back there – I know it’s “just” a razor, but try it and you’ll understand the hype!).

What more proof do you need?

On use alone I managed to get about 3 times the shaves from an Azor as I did a Fusion. Was this just me, or was there a reason?

After 20 shaves the Azor was still cutting well, but I managed to bang the blade and damage it, so it needed changing. It was only just losing it’s edge.

After 7 shaves the Fusion was dragging and deteriorated fast in the last couple of days….

Under a microscope the reasons become clear…..


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