Guess the Gift…

Every year I get asked by my ever loving (and suffering) wife, Chris, to guess what my presents are…

The other day I got in from work to see my son (5 3/4yrs old) looking really excited at some presents beneath the tree.

Guess what you’ve got daddy!!!” he asked.

I picked up a box and hefted it from hand to hand. I drink enough hot drinks, and wash up enough to know that this was a mug.

I told Alex that I wanted to leave it as a surprise for Christmas… but he was too excited…

“Here’s a clue! You can drink from it!!!!”

I told him that I didn’t want to know, that it would ruin the surprise and fun, so he agreed to keep quiet.


Later  in the evening Alex was sat next to me on the couch, with Chris the other side of him.

“I bet you can’t guess this years presents!” Chris smirked…

I looked at the bottom of the tree… “Hmm, is one of them a mug?” I said straight-faced.

“No!” she exclaimed.

IT’S GOT LAND ROVERS ON!!!” Shouted Alex in excitement!

“Oh great! There goes the surprise….” she said as Alex took away any doubt at all.

Later still when Alex had gone to bed, we were sat watching some TV when Chris said at least I still had a couple more gifts left as a surprise.

“Oh….” I said “The ones in the DVD sized packages?”

Damn you…. at least you don’t know what they are!” she said…. confirming that they were indeed DVD’s.

Well, one of them must be ‘Senna’.” I replied – as this was one I had asked for.

She defiantly said “NO! It’s not…. I bet you can’t guess what the other one is…

So one is ‘Senna’ then…” I smiled….

Damn you…..

It’s not that I want to know, It’s just that I can’t say no to a challenge…..

I still won’t open them until Christmas day though. Patience is a virtue.



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