Running….it’s not just a case of bunging on a pair of old trainers and heading out….unless you want to wreck yourself on the long run (pun intended).

As such, to get the most out of running you really need a Heart Rate Monitor, so you can get your heart rate into the zones which will best suit your fitness needs. More important than anything else is to get the correct footwear.

Jogging and running is high impact, and has had bad press, with people saying how bad it is for you. Different people run in different styles – some peoples feet roll outwards, inwards, land on the toe or heel… have flat feet or over pronounced arches….just to name a few issues.

It is therefore important to get the correct footwear for you, and the type of running you will be doing.

As such, JD Sports or such like, staffed by kids with no idea apart from *sniff* “this is quite good probably, because it has big bits on the bottom…” *sniff*

You need to go to a store that know what they are on about. Price may be a consideration, but don’t forget, the wrong shoes can screw you up later in life – dodgy legs, bad back…all manner of problems.

I went to “Up and Running” in Camberley.

There are branches over the UK, but I was lucky to have a very local one. The staff were very knowledgeable and helpful…and they don’t just sell you a shoe, you get a full check first.

My feet were checked – firstly it was shoes off and then I stood on some electronic gadget to figure out my foot at rest. This gives them a guide to what type of shoe they’ll start looking into for you. Next they tried various shoes on me….then put me on a treadmill for a run. A camera filmed my foot action, and from that they could see how my feet fell and rolled, and then they picked out others for me to try.

It sounds a bit much for a pair of trainers, but as they got closer to a shoe that matched my style, the treadmill run felt tighter and much more natural, so proving the importance of the selection.

£80 later I have a pair of superb Brooks Adrenaline 8’s. A bit more than I wanted to spend (by £80…!), but it will be a benefit to me in the long term, so who can put a price on that?

To make the most of all I do I also have a Polar Heart Rate Monitor “RS200 with footpod”. This has various options and training modes, as well as distance and training support… not bad for a glorified watch… On top of this, the RS200 can save training data and upload it to the internet so you can keep track of your progress.

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