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Fill in the blanks

I had to do a bit of blog editing today. A previous post that mentioned my views at the time of my previous employer was not seen in a good light – mind you, it didn’t really put them in a good light, so fair comment to them. The blog still retains it’s intention, but is worded in a more obvious “my opinion at the time” way, rather than being read as fact – which if you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know the way I write and where my intentions are based.

If you are an irregular reader you may find yourself reading things in ways they were not intended. The whole blog gives the big picture – the individual entries are the little picture – and you can’t base a view on the little picture. Just put “Social Worker” in the search box for a prime example (bloody idiot, that one!)

This blog is pretty much my online diary of events, rants and raves – with bits and pieces of advice and randomness thrown in for good measure. It’s a place where I can share knowledge, have a laugh and rant. A good rant gets things off of the chest which would otherwise boil up inside – although it is often worth revisiting some of the rants to ensure a level headedness is also practiced.

Oddly enough, the things that aren’t questioned amaze me more than the things that people deem important enough to question.

Mind you, as I said recently – the number of complaints I have ever had is insignificant compared to the ammount of hits the site gets – and the number of positive responses that I get.

Since moving to WordPress I have had 3 complaints. One I ignore due to the idiot who made it. They were swearing, obnoxious and blinkered so far to their cause that it was no point in arguing – and to top matters off they actual ended up contradicting there own argument… in a rant that would never had been written if they had bothered to actually read the blog entry correctly in the first place! So their complaint was unfounded, incorrect and eventually debunked by their own argument…. So that leaves 2 valid complaints.

I’m open for any debate, but I really can’t stand people who do not research their argument – almost as much as I dislike liars and fools who go behind peoples backs. Low life knuckle draggers with nothing better to do – So damned stuck in their own lives that they  need to bring others who strive for improvement down because they are so pathetic that they can’t improve themselves – but enough about that type of stuff! I’m happily surrounded by positive people in my life, so I’m not giving that rant any more airtime. In the words of the slack jawed streets… “End of.”

The two valid complaints triggered me to do edits. One caused me to re-evaluate a story on Jade Goody, and the other was the one I mentioned at the head of this entry.

The Jade Goody complaint was well founded and I actually learnt  from it – and that is the way an argumental complaint should work. I am open to advice and differing opinions – I am not perfect, so if people don’t say anything, I am not going to learn!

The ex-works complaint was slightly different. I had worded it in a way that read as fact in certain places, rather than opinion and feelings. All it takes is a polite email and I’m more than happy to revisit blog entries and correct them where I see fit. In the ex-works case I removed some parts and reworded others, as I feel my views were valid – but they were just that…My Views.

So… near on 50,000 hits to the site – over 300 unique hits a day on average – with a fair few days giving well over 1000 hits a day…. and only three complaints – of which only two had any validity…. You can’t grumble at those odds – and it also goes to show that more people understand me than I had ever thought.

So one and all, I thank you for your continued support, and I hope that future entries keep you coming back for more.

Survival in todays climate

Well, times are pretty tough at the moment. Okay – very tough. Very, very tough – but what can you do?

Me – it is all a course of bad luck and judgement. Things I can learn from – if I get the chance!

It started in 2005/6 when our house move turned to muck due to very poorly managed solicitors and estate agents. We lost deposits and houses left right and centre. Pure idiocy on behalf of the parties dealing with us. In the end I had to stand over the managers to get anything done, but by then we had lost a lot of money, and house prices had shot up. The trouble is, our sale had been agreed, so the sale price was frozen.

That ate all the savings – but taught me some major lessons.

After that I had to leave my career working on aircraft because of a circulation issue in my hands. That meant a career change that really needed to start on the salary I had built up to already… A tough one, but doable, as I had always tried to learn new things alongside, or outside of work. My management and quality skills got me into an office job, and a year later my circulation problem was getting much better, so I moved on to a managerial role that had some hands on engineering as well – all gradually building my new career base up and hopefully salary scale.

Things started to pick up, and other tasks I took on helped out. You have to keep fighting and building up your protection, skills etc.

Now it got to a point where it looked like I could start building up savings again. Due to the house move and career change I had been reduced to almost living payday to payday. It was just a stage. Head down, keep going, fight the good fight.

Then the latest bombshells hit (see previous two blog posts  Here and Here). This has really screwed things up in a very major way. From finally getting to a point where we were rebuilding our finances and even looking to the future and sending Alex to private school, to the darkest place I have yet been.

It reminds me of the saying: “A domestic dog is one missed meal away from being a wild dog” (or something like that). Either way, it’s just a matter of days that can turn a life around.

A small chain of events that hit all at the same time.

Still, it is all part of this thing called life. If you can keep your head in circumstances like this, then you can learn from them and be stronger next time.

If you don’t learn from these circumstances, then why not? If the poop hits the fan and you get covered in muck, are you really going to let it happen again? I really hope next time you at least learn to take an umbrella with you!

As for now, I’m just trying to keep a clear head and carry out damage limitation…and learn how to either avoid or deal with it if it happens again.

Bye mummummummum

The little lad looks out as Chris goes to work.

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