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Urban Myth Generation…

We need new urban myths…

In an idea kicked off by Nickie (friend on Twitter) …. how about spreading this baby and seeing how long it is until your friends report it back to you as “something that happened to their mates mate a few years ago….”

The basic myth:

A baker  working for a well known supermarket in Wolverhampton decided to get rid of his brothers huge stash of pot to try and get him off of drugs.

He took it to work to ditch later, but started to worry about getting caught on the way home, so put it in with the gingerbread man mix.

He was found out when an drugs bust a few days later on his brothers house found the place to be clean… apart from a bag of gingerbread men sniffed out by the police dog, that his brother had purchased a few days earlier….

The druggie brother wasn’t charged as they found no trace of his drugs (as they had been stolen and turned into gingerbread hippies)… but the brother who was trying to get the other off of the drugs was sentenced for endangering the public and tampering with food.

Go on…

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