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Radio Head and a Nordic “adventure”

This was the start of a less than interesting “adventure”.

Whilst out exercising my back with some Nordic Walking, and clocking up some more miles on the excellent LEKI speed pacer varios, I spotted a cable. Well, what harm could come from following it!!

I followed for a short distance, then noticed it went up into the trees, dug under pathways, and yet in other places it was just laying over dirt tracks. It wasn’t going to be kids, as it looked like it had taken some effort to position, so it must be military.

I finally found the end of it…but no answers to what it was for.

So I carried on walking. Eventually I came across a Land Rover with some troops setting up a radio station. After a quick chat I find that they are doing comms training. The cable was a telephone line about 1.5km long. I carried on walking, and as with buses, you find one military radio station and then three more come along. Every way I turned there were temporary comms masts. Eventually I came across a well hidden encampment which I presume was the base for the exercise. Very well hidden!

As I stand here writing, yet another comms mast is sprouting up behind me… All quite a diversion from my usual walk! I must carry on, as I think I hear a beach exercise going on at the lake. You don’t get this in publicly owned woodlands!

He’s not the only one…

Alex at the Plough (Furrow)
Originally uploaded by L.B

10 days in to my fitness programme (see the tab at the top of this blog) and the benefits are showing.

Today I messed up the stopwatch and ended up doing a 90 second run… yeah, not great, but up until 2 days ago I was only doing 45 seconds. To top it off me and EJR did the whole 5K in 60 second runs and 90 second walks – instead of the 20 minutes suggested in the C25K programme. We just felt up for it…. and even put in a full power sprint down the last 100m.

To add to this improvement in my general fitness I have also reduced my body fat percentage by 1.2% closer to the desired number (now only 0.9% too high) and lost 2.5kg.

The weight isn’t as important as the BMI, as that’s what I’m aiming for, as height, build etc do not allow for an ideal weight alone… Body fat is the key thing. Let’s face it, a weight lifter is going to be over weight for his height if you look at the old “ideal weight for height” charts, but his body fat percentage would most likely be fine.

Most importantly though, I am feeling better for it… and the green tea is really helping too!

Note: Thanks AH for the BMI pointer.

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