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Time Travel Hasn’t, isn’t and won’t happening…

Okay… hold tight…

Time travel hasn’t happened yet… isn’t happening now, and will not happen in the future.

We will not even meet aliens who have the technology. Not even Dr Who.

Remember the 70’s? Even the 80’s? The technology we had then was limited. No one even dreamed of owning a mobile phone… in fact if you go back a few more years, even the cutting edge scientists and sci-fi writers hadn’t even thought of the idea… and yet pretty much everyone has a mobile phone now… and access to the internet… which is another thing that 50 years ago could not even be thought about – It was beyond imagination!

Go back 100 years and no-one would believe we could video talk by a small hand held digital device to someone across the World… I’ve even Twittered to the International Space Station… Technology that was once not even imaginable is now common place.

What has this got to do with time travel?

Spooky Balls!

Well, it has to do with rebels and kids with too much time on their hands if I am to cut to the chase.

Like previous technologies any new technology is generally very expensive and owned by a Government, Research laboratory, Institute etc… The technology is hugely expensive and prone to going wrong…. but over time the technology improves and more lower level groups get hold of it… and eventually a few well off “normal” folk get hold of it… and then we all have it… A bit like mobile phones and the internet.

The thing is, once it is common place (as all technology is eventually), it becomes a plaything for the idle and deviant.

The internet! A thing of knowledge, research and communication to start with…. but now it’s also a thing of silly videos, hacking, chat rooms, and pornography…

Time travel would eventually go the same way… It’ll start as a special project, it’ll develop into a more widely available technology… and eventually all the kids will be able to do it…. If they mix it with the internet I am not looking forward to receiving spam from the future

DEAR: L Blick – In the future everyone has a bigger penis.. YOU COULD HAVE ONE TOO!!! VIAGRA 3012! Don’t miss out!!! By the way… our King (your future King) has died and left you £129,432,345,322:00 and we need your credit card details & a DNA sample so we can send you the money….

With such a widely available technology there will be those who abuse it… hackers, kids with too much time on their hands, terrorists etc… and as such it wouldn’t be long before someone went back in time and left proof that time travel was possible. We would have been visited by now.

Even if it is/was discovered when (if) we finally meet extraterrestrial life, then the same rule applies. Sure, it may take 100 years to creep out of the secure Government facility, it may take 1000 years…. 10,000 years…. but it’ll still follow the same path and become common place and be a thing that can (and will) be abused.

Sure, manufacturers of your pocket “iTime™” transporter will build in infinite anti-paradoxical time protective features (∞APTP-f ©), but as with all things, some clever folk will hack and jail break these features eventually… and we are back at square one – ANYONE can travel back and mess with the past.

The thing is….. they haven’t….. and they won’t….. because it isn’t possible then, now or ever.

We’d know about it by now if it ever happened at sometime… but it hasn’t…. & that’s what I’m getting at.

It’s not a far fetched thing really. Back in WW2 there were top secret RADAR research programs going on… and now most people have at least one item developed from this system in their house. A once top secret thing that a few years prior wasn’t even a figment of someone’s imagination is now, less than 100 years later, a common place thing.

So there you go, Time travel hascannotwon’t happen…. and if you just skipped to this last line, that isn’t time travel, that’s just cheating!

Cleese, Hawkins and Time Travel

Happy 65th birthday to one of the greatest scientific minds of our time. To say that Prof. Hawkins is a genius is an understatement, but I think he is missing an additional vocation as an impressionist – but more on that later.

I want to watch some off my DVD movies on my iPhone, but due to licencing laws I should buy an iPhone iTunes download of a movie to do that – even if I already own the movie! Now I’m all for the movie and music industry earning from what they give us – but I think it stinks when they try to charge you multiple times for a product.

Case in point: Ringtones. Sorry, but if I bought your song, then I should be able to use it as I wish for my personal use. I don’t mean I want to copy it and sell it, or distribute it in any other way, I just want to use MY purchase MY way for MY use.

I think a person should have the rights to use their purchases as they wish – as long as they are used for personal use, and not shared. I don’t want to buy an artists ringtone if I already own the song, after all, it’s my music, my phone, and me that’ll use and hear it! What’s next? If I play the song in my car I will have to pay rights to the artists if my passengers are listening!

DVD movies are in the same area of thought for me. I already own the discs, so why can’t I freely use then on my iPhone? It’s not like I’m watching both at the same time, and on the iPhone only one person can really watch something – yet I have to pay more…. but play the DVD on the TV and I can watch it with friends… so where are the lines drawn?

Now if I want a John Cleese quote as a message alert, and I already own a CD or DVD that contains the material, then I’d baulk at paying for a few seconds worth for a clip – but I am more than willing to pay for a stand alone message that he may make just for phones etc.

I have John Cleese as a voice on my GPS, and I payed for that use. I had no problem paying for his voice talent being used in this new role – He has to make a living after all. Same goes with a few other novelty voices I bought a few years ago when I bought the GPS originally.

That brings me to time travel. It was something John said on his Twitter blog that triggered a thought in my head. I don’t think time travel is, was or will ever be possible. Imagine 30 years ago how people thought about computers and mobile phones! Only very few people had these things, but now they are in reach to all of us – regardless of age, wealth, religion, sanity etc. There are people who break the law with them, people who use them for deviant purposes (no matter what their age)… and that is why I don’t believe in time travel.

Imagine if time travel became viable – like the first computers. It would start out as a top secret thing (probably military or government). Years later it would become a private sector thing for business and industry. Soon it would be open to the public. Eventually it would be there for all to use. I am fully aware that this process could take decades, or hundreds of years, but we are talking about time travel… Initial development could be sped up by going back in time to solve problems that had taken years to solve first time around.

So, if time travel existed in government or military circles, I am sure the development would be rapid. The designers could get so far, and then go back in time with solutions to speed up develoment… I hope you can follow that!

As time goes on, time travel would leak out, or simply become publically available. The moment it is publically available you can place a safe bet that people would travel back. Kids etc just wouldn’t think twice about misusing it – and as such we would know about time travel by now (or in the past!) because we would have been visited by now!

Does this screw things up for Stephen Hawkins then? This crazy blogger disregarding science due to future kids with high jinx and time travel on their hands? What’s Hawkins to do?

No disrespect, but if I spoke through a box, then I’d do what I did with my GPS… Hawkins could give lectures in the style of John Cleese (less the silly walk), or in gangster tones of a mafiosa hitman. If science did fail Hawkins then, he could always install a few celebrity voices and become an impressionist… as long as he paid for the voice rights.

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