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It’s fff fu fffu ffuuffuf blummin cold now….

Still no boiler – no central heating…no hot water.

I’ve called out the registered people as I don’t want to go any further and take the front end of the boiler off and end up blowing the house up. Anything other than just trying to get the thing lit would be illegal anyway – and I can do with out that added bad luck.

It’s not going to be cheap getting it done the same day, but Alex has a really bad cough, as does Chris (both have been sick through so much coughing…)… and I’m starting to get it too….

See… I told you I shouldn’t have typed that last blog entry out loud…..

The guy upstairs is having a laugh….

What’s white and sits in our kitchen and keeps the house warm?

If you said “Your boiler” you’d be wrong today….

Bugger it.

Yes, something you don’t want to go wrong at the best of times has gone wrong… right when we are financially razor edged….and the temperature outdoors is sub zero.

Now this can only prove the existence of a higher being, as explaining this as simple coincidence really doesn’t cut the grade….

…it also suggests that the higher being has a malevolent sense of humour….

I would pray for help, but I really don’t want to draw any more attention to myself whilst that higher being is in this frame of mind…

Luckily though, my diagnosis is a faulty thermocouple – and that is a cheap and easy fix. Gas boilers are very simple things – but so is a gun or a knife – so no matter how simple it is, you need to remember that one wrong move could kill you – and the family. As such, I will buy a thermocouple in and get my registered friend to check it over.

Now I have typed that out loud I can almost guarantee that I will need a complete new boiler and central heating system……

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