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You’re letting them win.

When an Internet troll starts posting rubbish, or you get spam emails etc, the best advice is to ignore them.

They just seek attention and/or recognition. By ignoring them, blocking them, paying them no attention, you render their actions powerless.

They may keep trying, but after a while they generally realise that it’s not working, that their actions are being seen as background noise rather than the focus of attention they desire.


Whilst it is very sad that there have been more deaths in the recent ‘terror*’ attacks (*terror my arse. It’s plain and simple murder), the constant media frenzy (that goes beyond simply reporting the facts), the social media outrage and anger, the ‘solidarity profile pictures’ and support statuses, are feeding the attackers ego.

With all the good intentions in the world, your flag colours on your profile picture show both support to those involved, and that the attackers have got the message out. What they are doing is working. Look how many people know about us!!!

They incite hatred, they fuel anger, and they do it by using the news and social media.

There was an explosion in Brussels which lead to deaths and serious injuries. The incident is being investigated by the relevant authorities.

That’s all you need to know.

I’m not being cold hearted about this, and I’m not suggested a media blackout, but if you have anything to do with anyone involved, you’ll be kept informed any way. The rest of us should just leave well alone and stop fuelling the ‘advertising‘ of what happened.

If you know people and you want to let them know you are thinking about them, then do it privately, call them!

Hell, if I’d been injured or something terrible had happened to me, I’d want to either shut myself away or physically talk to someone, not openly chat about it on Facebook or Twitter.

So whilst I can only imagine the pain, suffering and loss from such attacks, I believe the majority of people should quieten down and stop feeding the trolls.

Donate money. Do something to help, just don’t shout about it.

Whilst on the ‘so called terror‘ subject, If you don’t think the terrorists are winning, then think about this…

I never had to worry about carrying a bottle of shampoo and some water in my carry-on case when flying abroad in my younger days. I never took my belt off and I kept my shoes on as I walked through to the aircraft.

I could drive right up to airports and park out front of them. You had lots of access to areas   to view the aircraft flying about – just as a visitor, not a passenger.

You could visit the flightdeck with your kid (or visit it yourself, you big kid!).

There weren’t parking restrictions and entry restrictions around public displays or gatherings.

A policeman with a gun?!? In public?!? In ENGLAND?!? Never saw that.

They aren’t winning though.

Fallacy of the Gods

Thank goodness people are praying for the victims.

For a moment I thought people weren’t going to do anything.

More killings in the name of religion…

Let us spare a minute or two and pray for them.

But who are you praying to?

To the almighty supreme being who let these people get murdered in horrendous circumstances in the first place?

To the almighty supreme being who instructed people to carry out the shootings and bombings?

If you’re praying to the one who let those people die, then I hope you realise that you are second guessing the almighty ones ineffable plan. That God let those people die… and you have the audacity to be angry and upset? You pray to him to end the terror?

If you’re praying to the one who instructed people to go off and murder men, women, children, in his name, then you’re just as deluded as the killers who say they do it for their God.

Looking through the old writings, gods were all powerful, all knowing. Creators of universes, planets, life…. Us.

Bringer of famines, floods, pestilence, disease, destruction… The one who has the power to bring people back to life, to cure blindness and leprosy, to make cripples walk again.

Powerful, all seeing, almighty.

And yet the omnipotent master of all he surveys, this supreme creator, this supreme being, has in modern times forgotten all of these amazing feats he can pull off himself, and instead uses puny humans to do his dirty work for him…

Why would a world creator send humans to murder other humans when he could just rain brimstone down on the sinners himself?

Why would an all powerful being let his people die today, yet he quite happily parted the seas himself to help others escape back in the good old days?

Why do you think their God is wrong? Why do you think they are bloody idiots for following such a stupid religion?

You know they think exactly the same of you? Why is their religion wrong yet yours is right?

People want weapons of mass destruction banned. They want smoking banned, they want guns banned, they want an end to violence and war, yet they don’t want to look at the biggest killer we’ve ever had on this planet…. Religion itself.

More people have been killed in the name of religion, or pretence of religion, than by anything else.

It’s all about whose imaginary, impotent God has a bigger dick than the other persons equally imaginary and impotent God.

Ban the God. Ban the religion. Take away the fuel and the fire will burn out.

Grow up and ditch the fairytales.

We could be visiting other planets on holiday, we could be driving around in flying cars, we could wipe out cancer and be living in peace with each other if we’d just drag ourselves away from the mythical gods of the dark ages.

We could have hoverboards, dammit.


Schrödinger’s Terrorist

Look! A bandwagon! JUMP ON IT! Why not? Every one else is.

Yes, Osama Bin Laden is dead.

And alive.

It really depends on whether you believe the news. We are so used to lies and cover-ups it is no wonder that people are questioning whether Osama really has been killed.

The events of the day really to add fuel to the conspiracy theorists. Osama was killed in a raid by US soldiers and he was then buried at sea. Sometimes things do happen just like the news says and there is no conspiracy…. but where’s the fun in that?

Lot’s of people are saying that he’s not really dead – after all, there is no body. Both pro and anti Osama groups are questioning the validity of these claims – and both pro and anti Osama groups are accepting the claims. The world is ripe for disinformation right now.

So… Why lie about his death? It’s good for votes and popularity if you are in anti camp. The thing is, the latest polls say that POTUS Obama didn’t really gain much from this.

Okay… why dump the body as soon as possible? Well, that way people won’t have a grave or place to gather, rally or protest. With no burial site, there is no focal point for anything (Sure, people will find a place and associate it to him, but it’s not the same).

Maybe the body was dumped because he was captured alive and then executed there and then. That would do away with the red tape and legal hearings etc, etc, etc…

I’m happy to accept the news as it has been given, but if I had to come up with a conspiracy theory, here are a few things I’d look at with the limited data I have…

My half-arsed theory…

Would I kill him? Hell no! This guy is the head of the largest terrorist group around. He’s the main man, the knowledge base of all evil… he’s too valuable to kill. Think about what he knows?

Trouble is, capturing him is a problem. If you lock him up for questioning you end up being a focal point for hoards who want to rip him to shreds or  get him to safety. All the time he is alive the terror groups will blow things up to try to get him back. Hell, even bleeding heart liberals will protest for him to have rights and a fair trial. Anyway, with him gone someone else will just take his place… His death won’t end a thing.

So…. Why not capture him, tell the world he is dead, and that the body was dumped at sea? When no body turns up the terror groups will eventually have to accept he is dead. Let’s face it – if the whole raid was a lie, then eventually he’ll turn up anyway, and a whole lot of people will have a whole lot of questions to answer…

If you capture him but then say he was killed, you then have all the time in the world to ‘question’ him. No one will be there to defend him, try to free him, protest for or against his life… after all… he’s already dead.

You’ll have all the un-legislated, un-lawful drugs and devices to use to interrogate him… You can find out all about Al-Qaeda and their structure, plans, strengths etc…  after all, a dead man has no human rights…. You can ditch the body in years to come when he has absolutely nothing left to offer.

Whatever happened, why worry yourself? You don’t have enough support, ability or resources to find out any information on what really happened, so just trust the news on this one….


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