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Tanks for the memories

3 years ago today on April 17th 2006 I took my wife and camera to Pounds Scrap yard.

The place was a great area for industrial and derelict type photography – and a good place to wander about. Alex was only 2 weeks away from being born, so I think this was one of our last proper rambles before that special day.

Relax. BOHICA (look it up).

Parting with over £400 has left me with heating…. but I have had to turn it off because the “fixed”  boiler is making a hell of a racket.

Whilst looking to see where the noise could be coming from I ventured into the loft…. only to find the main water tank has been leaking from the stop cock. This was a repair a plumber carried out over a year ago – and the drip looks like it has probably been going on for that amount of time (I don’t go in the loft that often). The wood beams under the tank are saturated and the board it sits on is swollen.

I tightened up the nut, but it is still seeping. It has a vase under it to catch the drips for the mean time. I shall have to call the plumber tomorrow – and the boiler people again….

Roll on 2010.

BOHICA – thanks to POGO57

Pounds Scrap Yard

US NAVY Landing Craft, originally uploaded by L.B.

Well, we decided to go for a walk today. Stretch our legs and have a look around the Pounds Scrap yard before we leave Portsmouth.

I’ve often looked at it as I’ve driven by. I’ve always thought it would be a great place to get some photos, as a lot of the items scraped off in there are behemoths – Really huge chains, ropes, anchors, trucks etc.

The photo above is an American amphibious assault craft, and it is huge…really huge. Click on the image to see more of these photos. I mean HUGE.

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