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Jimmy Kimmel on the Killing of Cecil the Lion

Absolutely this. Spot on Jimmy.

Hunting for food and/or for animal husbandry is acceptable (when done humanely), but hunting just for the kill? Hell no.

Don’t go grouping all gun owners or hunters  together. I know no one in competition target shooting or animal husbandry that thinks shooting a lion is acceptable. It isn’t, and it doesn’t help those of us who shoot with legitimate reasons (and there are legitimate reasons – but this lion hunt is so far removed from legitimate as to be sickening and disgusting).

My recent hunt post, for one legitimate reason;


Custard Terror

The Multipla has gone into the garage (Mill Lane Fiat) for a warranty repair. An oil warning is flashing, and it has happened a bit sooner than expected. It’s also getting a rattle looked into – nothing serious, but it needs doing.

As I am not going to be driving – let alone moving heavy equipment, we opted for a sporty little Fiat 500 as the replacement whilst the Multiple is being fixed. Chris likes the look of the 500, so it was a great chance for her to drive one. She loves it, and so does Alex.

I’m impressed – it really is a cool little car. Mini has some very serious competition.

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