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Bird eat Bird

Spice, our lady cat, caught a sparrow.

It happens now and then – there are loads of them around and a cat could easily catch several just by running open mouthed down the garden… so no real shock there.

Last time she caught one I grabbed her, opened her jaw & the sparrow fell out and flew off before it hit the ground… (she can be evil and gentle…).

This time it was obvious the sparrow was done for, as Spice ran off before I could do anything. That’s nature for you… but…

…the sparrow was dropped as the four hens of the apocalypse sped down the garden, causing Spice to bolt.

The next thing I saw made me look twice… and keep looking in disbelief, as Chicken 11 grabbed the sparrow, then the four hens played tug of war, chase and catch with the sparrow, before taking it in turn to pick the carcass clean.

These are spoilt, well fed hens – but I’ve said it before about them – if there is something that can be eaten, regardless of if they are hungry, then they’ll eat it.

They are Omnipovores… Where ever there is something that can be eaten, then there you will find a hen…

I’ll never look at those dozy, daft, feathery, chirpy, psychopathic raptors the same way again…

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