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Spam attack from China – WARNING

I had a Chinese attack on my email account. Google shut the door on them after it sent out 3 emails in seconds. It had a link in it – I don’t know what the link is as I didn’t click it. I recommend you don’t either.

The attack lasted just long enough to fire off one email to my address book. It has all the signs of being an automated attack.

I have changed all of my account data – so the password is no longer 0000… 😉 …(I kid!)

My security is always kept tight…, so this must have been either a fluke attack by phishers or Google screwed up.


Okay – Keep your eyes open if you own a domain name. This company sent me a letter saying that my domain name is up for renewal – which I thought was odd as I had never heard of them before. I do all my domain purchasing through another company, so this letter rang alarm bells.

Another thing that rang bells was that they said my domain name would expire in  the next few months (no specific date) and I needed to pay up before it expired. Next line shows I have to respond within just a few days. This is a trick that makes people panic and act before thinking. “Oh no… my domain is about to be taken! I’d best pay up quickly, it’s almost too late….”

They ask for cheque or card payment, and then have an official looking box to enter the details… BUT I recall I bought mine on-line, and it is paid via direct debit… so if this was in anyway real, they would already have my details…. yup.. more clues as to the scam.

So, my advice to you is to keep your eyes open for scams on-line and in post!

If, like me, you get one of these letters through, then just fill the supplied envelope up with stones or something heavy…. don’t pay the postage, just send it off to the scammers – They’ll have to pay to pick it up.

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