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Man Buns

Hurrah. The fixed gear bike riding, speciality pumpkin spice coffee supping, hackie sack and mandolin playing hipsters and fashionistas are dropping big beards!

They can now sod off and leave the beards to people who have beards simply because they want them, and not because it’s the new cool.

Now it’s Man Buns. Jesus H Christ, you hipsters are real douches.

Not man’s buns. Many people like a blokes arse. All men have them. Can’t be without mine.

I mean the head hair type bun.


Mind you, at least I won’t be mistaken for a Hipster now they’ve moved to a top knot instead of face fur.


That’s all I have to say about that, as Forest Gump would say.

Awesome Space Shuttle footage

Not often I post something for the pure Hell of it… BUT….This is the best footage I have ever seen of a Shuttle launch. Views from various cameras…. first one, then starting again from another…etc…. fascinating!

NASA STS-127 Endevour Launch – Solid Rocket Booster Cameras – As talked about on SPEEDWAY SQUAD and highlighted by Toren Atkinson.

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