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The Spinaker Tower or Cash Eating Folly

The time will come when Junior will want to know where mum and dad used to live, and why we moved…That day will be the day I tell them about Portsmouth.

Junior is then going to see the Casheater Tower in Portsmouth and ask: “What were they thinking?” – “They get rid of the Tricorn thing and then make something with even less use!”.

The Millennium Tower became Spinacher when it was obvious that the local government cocked everything up and the project was delayed. The millennium shot past and the original name became something of a joke. Luckily they told the public that we wouldn’t have to put any cash into it ourselves. Then they said we might have to put little in. Then we ended up with major hikes in council tax bills.

At least we had a lovely new tower that dwarfs everything with its splendor….well…it can only just be seen if you enter Portsmouth from the Southampton end, and is dwarfed by the ill designed trash burning facility* near Hilsea if you enter from Chichester end.

Still…I’d rather have this wonderful tower than clean and safe streets with good social services and well funded schools. The tower was a great buy.

*Yes, it is the 21st Century, and some dope put a state of the art refuse burning facility next door to a school…and to top it off, they didn’t even link it to a turbine or energy creation system…No, it just throws muck into the skies with no positive side effects. Global warming….What’s that then?

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