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OpenZine – The Blog Alternative

OpenZine is an alternative to blogging. It is an online open source magazine publishing site and host. It’s a free thing that I found through a contact on Twitter – the contact happens to be the co-founder of OpenZine (his name is Kiki, and here is his Zine)

Now I’ll be honest here, I wasn’t that impressed initially – but that was purely because I tried to duplicate the way I run this WordPress blog. After a few attempts I can see that OpenZine is actually a very neat and clever bit of work.

As I write this it is still in Beta, but once a few quirks are ironed out (or at least what I think are quirks), then I think it will be a great thing. The quirks are probably more to do with me getting used to the system rather than the system itself – so there could be some counter intuitiveness in the set up if I found navigation to be a problem.

My Zine is a stripped version of this blog, and you can find it HERE.

Give it a go – I think you’ll either say “that’s just what I want!” or say “Not a chance”. It’s something that will suit the right person perfectly, and makes a nice change to the countless generic blogs out there on the net.

Brand new flavour

Sometimespace is now available via:




For the tech people out there, “sometimespace.co.uk/.com” is a web domain forwarding address to this blog, whose actual address is https://moretimespace.wordpress.com – but for simplicity I kept my old blog name of sometimespace and made the domain (purchased from 1and1 Internet) name link to whichever blog site I happen to be using (in this case, WordPress.com).

With that said, I am off to bed as my prescribed sleeping tablets are kicking in quite quickly now. They were prescribe because my back injury stopped me from getting much uninterrupted sleep over the past two and a bit months, and even though the back is getting better, my sleep pattern is as erratic as a blind drunken quadriplegic trying to negotiate spaghetti junction in a car with a wheel missing…. So pretty bad….

I’ve been able to count every hour in and out through the night. It’s not that I am not tired – believe me, I have never felt so damned tired – it’s just the back pain kept waking me, and now I just can’t get back into a sleep pattern at all. I’ve done shift work before and a change of sleep pattern normally only takes a weekend – but this is different. Dead on my feet….crawling up to bed… drag myself under the sheets…. and then just not sleep – but going beyond normal tired. Not nice at all.

So, without further ado, I wish you all a pleasant night as I take my Temazepam induced wobbliness up to bed, to sleep….perchance to dream! Aye, there’s the rub….. ooof – these tablets are a bit more than sleep makers I think…


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