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Teenager with wet pussy

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One born every minute

Multiblade electric razor sharpeners… and now this…

Dettol have come up with an automatic hand soap dispenser!

Selling to idiots I feel….

The advert shows people getting dirty hands & then TRANSFERING THOSE GERMS (dust mite debris, pet dander, pollen particals etc) TO THE TOP OF THE OLD MANUAL HAND PUMPED DISPENSER!!!!!


Erm…. So what?

Once you’ve pumped soap you don’t touch the top again…do you?

Pump, wash, dry?


Am I missing something?

Do people pump soap & wash their hands… then rub their hands over the pump again before performing surgery on babies brains or before preparing blowfish sushi on a Dettol clean kitchen floor for people with gastric problems?

I understand having taps that you don’t touch, after all you have to turn those off after washing – but an automatic hands free soap pump?

Suckers will buy this for sure.


Raz*War – War on shaving

Okay, You’ve seen me mention how good King of Shaves razors are, and no doubt think I’m a King of Shaves fan…. well I am… BUT only whilst they make the best shave I can get.

The moment I can get a better shave, then I’ll jump ship. It’s simple really – the shave companies sell things for ME. I don’t buy for THEM. Therefore I buy what is best for me.

Raz*War has popped up on my radar and after a little communication they sent me one of their products to review.

In build quality and “coolness” it surpassed Gillettes offerings, but not the KoS Azor range. Especially the new Azor M – that will take a lot to beat in the coolness and quality race – Azor M is the Apple to the rest of the shaving worlds PC’s.

Raz*War - Better than Gillette

That being said, the Raz*War product is in a different class to the Azor. Raz*War comes across as a tricked up Japanese racer to the King of Shaves Aston Martin DB9. That doesn’t mean it is worse – just different. In the same analogy Gillette comes across as a pathetic compact car with plastic bits stuck on it and a “go faster” loud exhaust…. *yawn*.

The Raz*War “El Fidel” starter kit came with a solid block of shave soap, blades and handle, and a travel bag. A very nice little kit.

The handle felt balanced and the head was… well, it compare to Gillette in design, with multiple razors and a small trimming blade in the back. The blades lasted as long as any Gillette I have tried in the past, but Azor still outlasts them by 75%.

Although the Raz*War blades shave like a Gillette and last as long as a Gillette, the price is a whole different ball park. The blades are cheaper and there is even a special offer that can be obtained through the Raz*War web site. This really impressed me, as Raz*War actually allow you to subscribe to a years worth of blades at reduced prices!

Subscribe and Save

The soap was very good too, although I am against the use of soaps in shaving as they really dry me out. The Raz*War soap, in its defence, didn’t dry me out as much as other soaps, so that’s a good thing to note.

When it comes to the crunch for me though, I’ll stick to the King of Shaves Azor. The price per blade off of the shelf may be more, but it lasts longer and in the end that works out to cost LESS per shave than any other razor I have seen.

If you are one of those people who can’t get along with the Azor though, or are just stuck on the Gillette idea, then I highly recommend the Raz*War to you – It is everything Gillette is, but at a much reduced price (and cooler!).

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