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Hang on lads – I have an idea…

I had an idea a few days ago and it sort of just bobbed around a bit. Through Twitter I have been having some interesting chats – followed a few links, de-bunked a few fake celebs and, well… having a laugh at Lings website…

The laugh turned into admiration when I realised what she had actually achieved. She’s a very clever business woman and you really need to look deeper than the techni-colour car crash of a web site to see just how clever she really is. Go on… go look – LINGS . Heck – even today as I read Seth Godin’s blog she cropped up again… it must be a sign….mind you, that wouldn’t surprise me knowing her web site – It would be more amazing if it wasn’t a sign!!! (go on, look – you’ll know what I mean then! LINGS).

So I’m sat at work today thinking about the old phrase “You’ll never make any money working for someone else”….

…..and then….

…. YES!!! All of those bubbling ideas and recent random web searches, chats, chance encounters and musings had somehow gelled into an idea with possibilities!

Now I can’t tell you what the idea is – and you won’t guess, because it actually has nothing to do with anything I saw or talked about – those things just triggered the idea. I can’t tell you until I write it down and explore the possibilities and find out whether it is even viable.

What I can tell you is this – If this EUREKA moment has any legs, then you are looking at the start of a new adventure for me. I might have actually stumbled on a good idea!

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