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Create an iPhone ringtone – Huzzah!

One thing that annoyed me about the iPhone is the lack of ability to use any tune as a ringtone. I bought them, I want to use them!

The argument is that the writer didn’t licence the song for use as a ringtone… but I can play the song as many times as I want if I don’t use it as a ringtone! Crazy… and the law originated in America… and as the iPhone is American, it suffers for it.

iTunes does allow some songs to be converted if you bought them from the iTunes library.. and if you pay a bit more money…. OR you can convert up to 30 seconds of an iTune as I have shared HERE.

The method is a bit long winded on your first go, but it’s pretty simple after a few goes. You might need a Facebook account to view it – but don’t worry, I’ll be posting the full thing here in a few days anyway. If you can’t open the link, then try THIS ONE!

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