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Goodwood Revival – The other bits…

This year we didn’t see much of the racing. We spent most of our time taking in the static cars and aircraft, the shops and stalls… and the fun fair.

Alex (5) wanted to go on the rides. He started small and moved up to the Dodgems with me…. and then a family ride on a violent Waltzer! Alex is very keen to go on a roller-coaster, so I figured a few smaller rides would see how he coped.

I thought the Waltzer would be too much for him, but he watched from the side and still wanted a go. He loved it….. so it’s roller-coasters next year!

As in my previous post, the SPITFIRES stole the day…. Not a lot could contend, even though the event had plenty to offer.

Anyway… here are a few photo’s… (with more in full size HERE)

There are plenty more photos – in FULL SIZE… OVER HERE on FLICKR

Goodwood Breakfast Club ~ June 2011

Once again the Goodwood Breakfast Club didn’t fail to please. This old circuit was host to a huge selection of rolling cash… Old & new… Along with a brace of modern Italian supercars there were two Ferrari F-40’s parked next to each other, one off race specials, tuned drifters, classics tourers and ex-rally cars.This was the post-70’s sports car meeting, and it didn’t disappoint.







Humanity? I hand in my ‘human’ card then.

This isn’t my screen grab. I wish I knew who made it, as they have a stronger stomach than I do because they managed to put this collage of hate together – They had to see each comment as they assembled it – and that would have made me far too angry and sick.

Don’t start going on about how extreme the Middle East is, don’t start ranting about how bad Muslims are (other religions also apply), the ‘lack of foreign tolerance‘ or ‘all these foreigners‘, when total ARSE HOLES like this are on your side of the fence.

Stay classy, human race. Stay classy.

Click to expand

Click to expand the HATE


Buster is Alex’s school’s fluffy toy dog…. He is a project for the kids – in this case he is taken home over the weekend by a different kid each time and the kid has to keep a diary with photo’s.

Alex is the third to have the diary and Buster, so this weekend we went off to do some things that Alex enjoys. Buster came along with Alex’s own plush puppy ‘Puppy’ (which Alex has had since birth – a gift from Granny).

Saturday was a bit of a let down as the weather was on and off wet and dry. Alex, Puppy and Buster spent the day playing with cars and drawing (cars). Sunday though was more up Alex’s street…. it involved Goodwood and cars (oh, tell me you weren’t surprised…).

Alex, Puppy and Buster watch the cars hush past...

Greenpower run a schools event to inspire engineering in young people. It’s an electric car race and the finals were held at Goodwood. Alex has a great love of electric cars, so it was a no brainer that we would go and watch the race. We saw some pretty amazing cars and soon had our favourites.

Sandbach Brian - a crowd favourite

Sandbach Zebedee - The one to watch

Brian and Zebedee from Sandbach High School & 6th Form  College caught our eyes as they were in copies of real race colours – GULF and JPS. The two cars also looked well thought out and the team behind them were very focused. Little surprise to find out that this entry was from a girls school – and in engineering I have always found that the female of the species is often the stronger, as they have to fight harder to be noticed… they have to be better to be regarded as being equal to the men. Admittedly this view is dropping off, but in certain fields it is still sadly true.

Team C.A.U.C (Sandbach) 1st and 4th with a Williams F1 car

Sandbach were  a focused team and well driven – and got a 1st and 4th in the final for their efforts. Stunning cars too – really well thought out – and Alex just had to go back and see Brian after the race! Well done to the team for doing such a top job – you were the most talked about team in the crowds from what I can gather.

A few photo’s were taken of Alex, Puppy and Buster around Goodwood – including some by the Aston Martin V8 Vantage that Alex has been around the track in, and that Granddad uses on the circuit as a work car (jammy bugger!). Granddad then came over and popped Alex and friends up on an ambulance and crash truck for a few more shots. We then went on to watch some more racing and take a few more photo’s.

Alex introduces Puppy and Buster to Granddad

Alex & friends by the V8 Vantage he did laps in.

The prize was Williams F1 related, and as such there was a 2008/9 season Williams on display. This recently retired F1 racer was there to look at but that was it – it’s an expensive car (cost to build – not including development – is estimated in excess of £1.5 million – a wheel alone costs upwards of £25,000), and a fragile piece of equipment, so don’t touch…. unless you happen to be a car mad Alex with a loving Granddad in motor sports…

Alex, Puppy, Buster and £1.5 million worth of F1 car

Even Daddy hasn't sat in one of these... yet!

I wonder what the next outing will have in store for Buster, as he is handed back tomorrow… but I can’t help but feel that the benchmark has been raised a little…

More importantly though, Alex had a wonderful day. He kept saying “I really love Granddad – I will be a racing driver, won’t I?” on the way home… before falling asleep for the remainder of the drive. Job as a Dad done for the day!



Stop that car!!!

Alex was watching the original “Italian Job” this morning and said how much he likes car chases (they have cars in, so I’m not shocked…). He asked me to find some more chases for him to watch, so I decided to blog the ones I think are top of the charts – or at least the ones that I think are top of the charts and available online to watch!

Some clips were unavailable, so I had to use what I could find – dodgy edits, condensed clips, altered music… but you get the idea.

A good chase is about the cars, the driving, the skills… and not the computer effects…. That’s why ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ and ‘Fast and the Furious’ don’t make the grade – they use CGI to augment the driving, and that takes me out of the moment.

That being said, the final scene in the first ‘Fast and the Furious’ is pretty good – and one of the best staged race/chases in the whole franchise.

A doff of my hat to the one good chase in the franchise…

And now, in no particular order…. the good stuff…

(Vetted by Alex..)

Dual (The movie IS the chase. Truck v Car)

The Italian Job (Original – not the weak 2003 version).

Quantum of Solace (Bond with no gadgets)

The Bourne Identity (Not a great recording of it though)


The Blues Brothers – Nazi “Always loved you”chase.

Gone in 60 Seconds – (The original 1974. No need for CGI)


The Blues Brothers – Condensed chase footage. Face it – the movie IS the car chase…

The French Connection

The Driver

And finally…. for a laugh…

The Blues Brothers chase in full… but with ‘Benny Hill’ effect…

What? You didn’t mention HERBIE?!

No I didn’t…. because it’s b******s. FACT.

Dung Beetle?

Finally finally…. because Alex likes it… (although it has software  speed help)

Me, my Audi and Goodwood circuit… (fitted with Macbook Turbo… )

Goodwood Revival 2010

Yes! It’s that time of year again!

Ever since my father died I have made the Revival the event to remember him by (mainly due to the warbird air displays, but also due to the feel of the event – like a step back in time to ‘proper’ racing cars and drivers…).

Alex loves the Revival too – after all it has lots of cars & bikes to see – both static and racing, interesting sideshows and a vintage funfair.

This years photo’s from our visit: GOODWOOD 2010

We went on the Friday as his school had teacher training, and Friday is generally quieter due to people being at work/school. Less people means you can get closer to everything – even if the big races aren’t on. The cars still go on the track and give it everything they have to qualify, so the excitement of seeing multimillion pound historic rare racing cars being raced as they were designed to do is still fully there.

C-Type holds off the Ferrari

This year we met up with friends (Phil and Martin Stenning). After buying my tickets I was offered a pair of courtesy tickets from my mother in law (timing!), but as I knew Phil was about to depart on Irish adventures, I figured it would be a great thing to give him and his Dad the tickets for a day out and to catch up with the both of them – great chaps.

The weather was superb, the racing was great (plenty of spills and thrills), the air displays were low and tightly performed, the paddock areas had a great selection of the rarest racing cars around… and this all lead to a fantastic canvas with a most wonderful ‘automobilic’ soundtrack!

Besides the cars and general auto related experience, Alex had fun on the ferris wheel…. although Chris didn’t… Good job she had a brave 4 and a half year old to hang on to…

I love my little lad! From the top of a ferris wheel (he’d never been on one until today) he spots a tiny yellow spec in the distance… “Look Daddy! An old Fiat 500!”…. Shortly followed by him picking out a few Jaguars for me!

In the weeks leading up to the Revival I had been having a brief email conversation with Chris Barrie (yes… that Chris Barrie, but he is much more than a guy with a tinfoil H stuck to his forehead). I had seen him on a motoring show on TV – Fifth Gear – he was given the chance to drive an original Jaguar D-Type racer, and that triggered me into looking for his contact details to just say how much I enjoyed the footage (some people can drive an exotic car and just kill the pleasure – but I felt the thrills from this presentation).

Anyway, we got to email chatting about Jaguars and the great event that is Goodwood and Alex’s love of cars. Chris said he has a tuned XK120 he was hoping to take down to Goodwood, so I was looking forward to that.

As it happens he couldn’t take the XK120 as it was still undergoing work… and I found this out because as I walked around Goodwood I ended up bumping into him  (pointed out by Phil!). It was a bit of a bugger that it was in the motorcycle enclosure with the loudest damned Vincent racer warming up in the background, as it made it hard to have a conversation – but Chris was a thoroughly great guy and said to keep in touch (this may have been out of politeness – but even if it was just politeness, it shows him as a polite guy!).

Photo thanks to Phil

Before you ask, NO… I did not mention Massive Speed, Brittas Empire, Red Dwarf, Tomb Raider etc…. I’m sure he gets enough of that – I’ve always liked people into engineering/history and that’s what I was interested in (even though his TV/Film stuff is actually very good). He didn’t ask me about my work, so I wasn’t about to ask him about his!

Put it this way – Loads of people have “done” TV and movies…. but not many people (a handful) had driven the 1955 D-Type Le Mans winner…. the car driven by Mike Hawthorn. That’s what interested me – and the fact Chris really likes his cars.

It’d be a pleasure to meet up with him at some point to talk cars and engineering – and to see his XK120…. ahhh…. the 120…

If you read this Chris, it was a real honour to meet a man who has driven in Mike Hawthorns D-Type (you are the second person I have met who has done this – I met Norman Dewis last year… what a guy!) – and I hope you get the XK on the road again soon!


Goodwood Revival 2009 Sights and Sounds

Goodwood Revival 2009 was a bit special for me –  SEE HERE

I managed to grab a few movie clips whilst I was there. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them – but in all honesty, you really need to be there… so hopefully I’ll see you at the Goodwood Revival 2010…

Dodgy Bottom?

Alex has figured out his Christmas work bench already. He’s a dab hand with the power screwdrivers, sockets and various screwdriver sets. He can strip and rebuild his race car in minutes  – He’s quite amazing to watch!

He’s also really loving that drum kit… Yup – no sign of him even starting to get bored of it – in fact he is pretty good with it and even counts himself in now! “1,2,3, Bang crash bang!”

New Years Eve is going to be a quiet one for us. Funds don’t really allow for much, so we’ll probably watch a movie or something to see the back end of 2008 out – and then count the days to 2010 to get as much space between us and the poor year that 2008 ended up as.

As the Queen said of 1992, 2008 rates the same for me – most definitely my “annus horribilis” (and no, it has nothing to do with bottoms).

Downhill from here

Not downhill like this blog thread, but downhill as in racing.

Alex got an early Christmas treat today as Granny and Grandad (Chris’s parents) came up to visit us.

Alex received a loop the loop gravity race track. He’s played with one before when he visited His Granny and cousin Ben was playing with his track.

Alex has been playing on it pretty much non stop since it was set up! He’s quite content to play on his own, or scream out loud as he passes me cars to launch for him!

It’s always good when we see Granny and Grandad – Alex loves them and is really chatty and cuddly with them…and also quite mental! A little bit of cheer that did us all good!

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