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I am going to snap.. I swear…

So… the boiler problem was a simple fix to get it going, but the previous owner of the house had screwed a few things up with the ventilation, and as such I need a big hole drilled in the side of my house and a vent fitted. I also need to put a vent into the bottom of the boiler cupboard. On top of that, the boiler needs a clean out due to the lack of ventilation causing it to coke up…. a potential cause for carbon monoxide poisoning….

…..sooooo… the boiler guy wasn’t allowed to re-commission my boiler until these ventilation issues are fixed… so that means the cost of today’s visit, plus tomorrows brick work and service/clean…. which looks to be around £500 odd quid.

I give up. You win….. Let’s start a new game now please.

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