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Exogen Ultrasound Bone Healing System

Following on from my previous blog entry regarding my broken leg & the new cast I have had fitted with the Exogen portal, I thought it might be educational or at least informative to show the unit in action.

The basic idea is that the unit bombards my leg with an ultrasonic pulse which excites my broken bone & promotes the healing process.

The probe has a gel ‘coupling agent’ put on it to give the ultrasound signal something to travel through between the gap between the probe & my leg. The unit then sends a preprogrammed signal to my bone for a set time. That’s it. It’s that simple (and painless).

The Broken Leg Saga

The original red cast had become loose & was abrading the top of my foot, so a new cast has been fitted.

As I had my ultrasonic Exogen equipment this time (it hadn’t been delivered when my leg was originally plastered) the plaster technicians were able to incorporate the probe portal direct into the cast.

This makes for easier & more refined daily treatment.


Alex is better

Alex has had his cast off now, and is far happier for it. It’s good news for him then as he can run about like a loon!

Meanwhile I’m still getting over my dodgy back. I’m taking a few walks to keep moving, and the pain killers take the edge off of that, but they make me feel really tired during the day. Trouble is they mask the pain, but don’t remove it, so I’m tired, but unable to get comfortable to sleep…

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