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Michael Jackson Kid Grind

A while back I was watching a Christmas TV ‘top tunes’ type show, and they showed this video of the Jackson Five doing what they do best.

I was happily listening and enjoying it…. and then this happens.

It was ages before any rumours, scares, scandals and the like… but because of what happened in later years I just can’t get the fact that this clip is slightly wrong out of my mind….

Preaching to the perverted

Well, my damp cat, soggy wood chomping critter and dodgy water heater have given predictable results…

This is just 15 hours into day 2 of the experiment. That’s a fair increase in traffic!

I realise some hits are generated from people visiting through the links I put up, but the search engine data shows that a few too many people have dropped in after Googling naughty stuff….

It just goes to show, doesn’t it?

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