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Enough already

Okay, a while back Chris brought me a free fall parachute jump experience as a birthday present.

I didn’t ever want to bungee jump – I see no point.. sure it’s a rush, but you don’t do anything yourself… You jump, bungy stops you. With a free fall parachute jump you jump, you free fall, you pull the cord, you fly the chute. With bungee jumping you just jump… that thrills me as much as a roller coaster… too tame, too controlled. If you’re going to do something, do it properly.

It was one of those life affirming things… at 15 odd thousand feet you look down and it’s all down to you to step out of that doorway… and you do it… one of the most phenomenal experiences ever, and one I shall never forget.

I felt so alive – and yes, it was in controlled conditions, but things can (and did) go wrong.

Well, since I have been hit with this lung problem I am determined to not take the hit – I want to go and do something amazing. I want it to be something I could share later with Alex – I want it to be an experience and a lesson.

I’ve always been pretty good when situations get ropey. When people lose their heads in dire situations I tend to cement into a calmer person. Odd that – situations I would think I’d panic in and I actually become very focused.

So, I’m taking the step and will be booking on on a survival week. I’m looking at some course run by ex-SAS instructors. After all, the two Para’s who instructed my freefall learnt all they knew as a matter of life and death – and the same with the SAS guys. If anyone can put on a good course, it’ll be those that have had to survive in extreme conditions themselves.

These are good skills to learn, and something I can pass down to Alex.

I see 2 and 3 day courses available, but I want to go as long as I can in one go. No point in just messing about, so I’m going to go for a weeks survival – Instructor, a small tobacco tin box of essentials and me… something like that anyway.

Once I’ve done this course (hopefully mid 2010… maybe even do it as a fund raiser), there are other course available as you become more experienced. The one I am aiming for after the woodland survival week, is the Arctic Survival course. Yup… off to the Arctic to rough it…. build your own shelter, make fire, find food… no gas stoves or tents… proper survival.

It’s my way of kicking back at the set backs that my health has caused me… I get knocked down and I’ll fight back twice as hard.

I’m not one for holidays. Sure they are relaxing, but at the end of it, you’ve just been away, la de da… I’d rather go and do something – have an adventure… learn a skill and see things few other people have seen.

Who’s up for joining me? Next time it snows we’ll just point and laugh at the people who think it’s “really cold…..”


A cat, a cat, with a two tone…..crack

At the back end of last year, Jacks, The Thoughtful Spaz posted a blog entry that requested 6 items of randomness from her friends and readers.

I read through my answer again today and decided to post in Sometimespace in an attempt to keep the smiles affixed to our faces. I want to use the blog to publish the news and rantings as and when things happen to the family – but at the same time I don’t want it to get too heavy or depressing, as that is no good to anyone, least of all me!

So, as a kick in the face to the bad stuff that is going on (just look in my blog archives from September 08 through to today…), here are the 6 randomossities about me that I laid out for Jacks:

6 random things….Nothing is really random if it has been asked – but as near as can be …. but I’ll do my best

  1. I once had a pony tail (I now shave the lot)
  2. On my first parachute jump my chute didn’t open properly and I had to take emergency measures.
  3. One of my cats has one ginger fur covered bum cheek, and one black fur covered bum cheek…. very funny when she walks away with her tail in the air. Yes, I have a cat with a two tone crack.
  4. I hate Parma Violets.
  5. I once saw Lou Reed perform with only 50(ish) people in the audience. The power failed, so we all gathered around him and he did an old acoustic set of Velvet Underground stuff.
  6. My second car had a concrete floor.

How’s that?

If you care to, then please comment with 6 of your own…

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