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Don’t Bloody start on me 2010

Remember THIS? which came from THIS….

Yup…. good…

Guess what has just died…. two day before servicing….

Go on.


Stuck at the Hospital

Another session of physio with Judith (many thanks!!!) – and another step forward in my recovery.

Weekly hospital visits and daily prescribed exercises are slowly getting me better. I’ve started taking evening physio as I was hoping to be back at work, so didn’t want my hospital visits taking up the morning.

I’m feeling better in general, but the sitting and driving problem persists. The other day I took a 15 minute drive, and it was not great. Apart from it being very uncomfortable and painful afterwards, it also went against the rule of thumb that says: “if feel that you cannot carry out an emergency stop, you should not be driving.” I can say an emergency stop is one of the furthest things from the top of my to-do list right now.

Still, as things ease up I hope my boss will let Chris drive me to and from work, because that’s the only way I can see it happening over the next few weeks.

I really need the money, but I don’t want to screw my back up in a permanent way. As I get better, I shall do all I can to make sure this never happens again.

Meanwhile, here I am, near horizontal in my seat as Chris tries to get us out of a jammed hospital car park during rush hour. So far we have moved 5 car lengths in 30 minutes… I will need to get out and stretch my legs before we even clear the hospital grounds at this rate.



Great…. I’ve done my back in, I can’t go running, I can’t sit at a desk, I should be horizontal or carefully pottering around… Lucky for me the iPhone is my gateway to sanity and the outside internet world…..

So what more could make my life more fun? How about noticing that the middle curtain support in the bedroom looked dodgy… So I took a look to see what was up with it just before going to bed…….CRASH!!!!!

Some pixie has pulled it out of the wall and it was being held up by pure will power…or at least the drapery version of will power.

So here I lay, pain killers bubbling through me, a waft of deep heat and the nagging knowledge that somehow that curtain pole will need fixing. On the plus side, winter is closing in and it is darker, so all we’ve lost really is privacy …and we’re quite cut off from prying eyes anyway…..it’s still a pain though.

Still, could be worse, at least I still have a house to have dodgy curtain rails in, but how long before all the cost increases put doubt on that? And who’d want to buy a house with suicidal curtains anyway?

Never mind, life is an adventure, and no-one said it would be easy….come to think of it, no one said it would be anything….I don’t recall ever having a say in joining it anyway…. You just have to celebrate all the little things in life, and treat the crap as an adventure, or you end up going mad, or at least that’s what my Aunty Napoleon XIV said……

Damn it all to Heck

Moving a hardness testing machine in my car the other day I damaged my back. Now I’m signed off of work, and also unable to shoot in an annual contest this coming weekend, which has really annoyed me. Gutted.

Recipe for PAIN!

Take one loving son with his foot in a cast….

Add a pinch of his regular morning cuddle…

Alex swung his heel up…. I stopped it mid swing….. well part of me did…

Apparently it is a “soft cast”… yeah… tell that to the twins!

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