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Dustin Hoffman caught at Goodwood

2008 – the sun was out and the atmosphere of the Goodwood Revival 2008 was buzzing. It is a fantastic step back in time.

Vintage racing cars worth more than money roared around the track with little hesitation as to the cost of a crash – these cars were made for racing, and that’s what the owners still do.

I saw an original GT40 come a cropper one year – but things like that happen. The owner had just got it up together and had spent hundreds of thousands on it….and then BANG, CRASH…. never mind. Apparently he said that he’ll put it together and race it again – it was designed to do that and not sit in a museum gathering dust. Good sport.

This next photo shows just what can happen to your original classic race car… The driver was okay, and you can gaurantee that he’ll be back with his Cobra once it is repaired. It’s all part of racing, and these owners and drivers understand it.

Cobra courtsey of Richebets (Flickr). Click image to see his pictures

Cobra courtesy of Richebets (Flickr). Click image to see his pictures

It wasn’t just racing though – it’s the whole event – like a step back to a heady nostalgic mix of the 30’s through to the 70’s (and a few extras thrown in). People dress up in the period clothes of choice and even the shops and stalls have that vintage feel to them. There are air displays from WW2 fighters and bombers – all sorts. It isn’t just cars – it’s a whole event just being there.

Now then, I post this blog entry several months after the event simply because of something – or rather someone – that I noticed in the background of a photo I took of Alex….

Now it probably isn’t the great Dustin Hoffman, but by crikey the resemblance is uncanny!!!

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