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Downhill from here

Not downhill like this blog thread, but downhill as in racing.

Alex got an early Christmas treat today as Granny and Grandad (Chris’s parents) came up to visit us.

Alex received a loop the loop gravity race track. He’s played with one before when he visited His Granny and cousin Ben was playing with his track.

Alex has been playing on it pretty much non stop since it was set up! He’s quite content to play on his own, or scream out loud as he passes me cars to launch for him!

It’s always good when we see Granny and Grandad – Alex loves them and is really chatty and cuddly with them…and also quite mental! A little bit of cheer that did us all good!

Bye mummummummum

The little lad looks out as Chris goes to work.


Morning!, originally uploaded by L.B.

As this blog is for junior, I feel that he/she should know that mum is not getting much sleep whilst you do your exercises…which means when mum doesn’t sleep…then neither does your dad…Remember that when we wake you up at 8am on a weekend and you moan that it’s too early! We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Apart from the sleep bit!

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