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Kane unable, stubble and watery visions

Not a great deal to blog about at the moment…well, lots of “bitsy” stuff.

Firstly, I shall take this blogatunity to wish Jon Kane a very happy birthday. A great chap who among other things has opened up a few more computing and net options to me – all giddyingly exciting stuff! (honest!). His blog can be found in my links to the left (his blog is called “Writersbloc”).

Why is there not much going on? Well it’s my back. Getting better in leaps and bounds (not actual leaps and bounds, as that would really hurt still!). The main problem is sitting and twisting. I have reduced upper mobility and am not able to drive – even if I could sit long enough! As it is, I can passenger in a car (with only slight pain) for about the same distance I can easily walk… so I walk (much better for me and Mother Earth!).

The Leki “Speed Pacer Vario” Nordic poles are getting a fair bit of mileage, and it’s getting me in shape. If ever I get a serious injury or illness, I do my best during and post recovery to make sure it doesn’t happen again. In the case of my back, as it gets better I shall do all I can to make it better than before because I don’t want to be in this situation again.

The side effects of the bad back have been benefical – although the same results would have been obtained without a bad back! The physio and Nordic Walking are giving me cardio and fat burning exercise which has resulted in me reducing my waist line by an easy 5 inches! Yup, that much!

Over 10kg lighter and getting trimmer to go along with that weight loss – at least that’s a good thing! It’s also less weight for my back to carry – hurrah! That’s what I mean about being better than before: I am strengthening my back, but also reducing load on it. I’m not going to have this injury happen again.

I’m glad the lake is so near though, as a good view really helps with making a long walk that bit more enjoyable.

It may have been a blog entry of bits and pieces, but it does come around on itself…. You see Jon introduced me to WordPress as a blog host, and also pointed me at Twitter. He also gave Will King some internettery ideas (www.shaveforum.com), of which I play a part (I admin and/or moderate a few web spaces in my spare time). I met Will through sharing feedback about his Azor – which in turn lead to me being introduced to Jon. The King of Shaves site and my new blog home, along with my need for a new phone, lead me to the iPhone (good for web admin and blogging on the go). The iPhone in turn has kept me relativly sane during my recovery as I can use it without having to sit at a computer (I am horizontal as I write this!).. General surfing lead me to Green Tea which has been very benefical, and it also lead me to Nordic Walking and more sanity saving freedom with the ability to go for a walk…and in turn getting my blog followers 10% discount at “The Tortoise and the Hare” sports store (see top left for details).

So it’s all interlinked in a gumbo of bits and bobs. All things that if they hadn’t of happened would have me not blogging, not walking, and going insane with lack of mobility and some form of mental and physical respite from my bad back!

It’s a strange wave we surf when the butterfly flaps its wings…

“Happy Birthday” Jon!

Twitter, Tweet, iPhones and the interconnectedness of things

Twitter- this is an application that can be used on mobile phones, laptops, desktops, pretty much anything that can somehow connect, or at least send messages (eg: SMS) to the web.

It is a micro-blog, if you like. A 140 character maximum write up. It can be likened in a way to the status on Facebook or such like, but much more to it – or less, depending on what you use it for.

Where as a Blog is the type of beast that you would update now and then, once something interesting or noteworthy has occurred, a tweet is more of an “instant report” of what you are doing, feeling, wanting at that moment in time. Probably better to call it an “instance report” as it generally refers to the present thing you are doing.

To get a better idea, take a look at the left hand blog column and see my Twitter readouts. Mini bits of me.

As you can see from this posts picture, I can follow other peoples twitterings – or Tweets as they are actually called. People can also chose to follow mine – but it takes all sorts!

I discovered it mainly through Stephen Fry via his website and podgrams. I also heard it mentioned in passing by the scholarly Jon Kane… So twice mentioned it deserved investigation!

I’m quite impressed by the way it works, and how totally integrated it can be. That is part of the purpose of this blog entry – to see if/and or how twitterfeed.com deals with taking information from this very blog and turns it into a 140 character tweet..which in turn will feed Twitter and update my Facebook status…and in a round about fashion, turn up back at this blog in left hand column!

In the same vain of this thread I actually selected to follow Stephen Fry’s tweets, as I think the chap is fantastic. True, he is known as a wit and comic, but I like him so much more for his normality and angst that he demonstrates in his podgrams. Out of all the people that I have ever wished to chat with over a drink, he is one of the few that are within a time zone where that would be possible… That is to say, the others are mostly long gone historical figures.

This brings me to a warming surprise as I lay staring at the ceiling last night, listening to his latest podgram. I had sent a tweet to him, but as he is a busy man with a lot of fans, I didn’t expect a reply. After listening to his talk about his new and improved web site, along with his views on open source software etc, I checked my Twitted reader to find that he had selected to follow my tweets! Now I am sure he has a lot of tweet feeds that he follows, but still, it made me smile. At the same time I was listening to him on my iPhone, he was clicking on my tweet feed. Well, I thought it was a strange yet amusing thing!

If you drop in here Stephen (if I may be as bold to use your first name), then I hope you find it to your liking – but more so, I hope you find on your current trip, that “The last chance to see…” wasn’t quite the last chance, and things have improved. I truly hope that is the case.

Stephen Fry and his various web projects, can be found at his web space http://stephenfry.com.

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