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Man Buns

Hurrah. The fixed gear bike riding, speciality pumpkin spice coffee supping, hackie sack and mandolin playing hipsters and fashionistas are dropping big beards!

They can now sod off and leave the beards to people who have beards simply because they want them, and not because it’s the new cool.

Now it’s Man Buns. Jesus H Christ, you hipsters are real douches.

Not man’s buns. Many people like a blokes arse. All men have them. Can’t be without mine.

I mean the head hair type bun.


Mind you, at least I won’t be mistaken for a Hipster now they’ve moved to a top knot instead of face fur.


That’s all I have to say about that, as Forest Gump would say.

A picturesque addition

Well, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you’ll know I like my photography. Not in the in-depth way, although I’d love an expensive bag of equipment… I just use a few simple cameras and an iPhone4… and software.

I use many different apps in a mix to get my resulting images – sometimes putting the photo’s through the apps several times. Below is an montage of a few of the apps currently in use.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Recently I have been putting my work up on to Instagram. It’s free to join, but currently you have to join to see all of the photo’s in any usable way. As such, If you don’t want to post photo’s to Instagram, then I suggest you use Webstagram as a viewer. You don’t have to join and you can search all the photo’s.

To see my filtered images, either click on the photo below, or click the Instagram link in the right hand menu bar – – – – >

Alex’s 5th Birthday Bash

There will be a few blog posts appearing over the next few weeks that are out of date order. This is because Sky Broadband failed totally, and right during a time where there were a few car shows to blog about…. so I’m going to have to catch up.

Meanwhile, and now we have Virgin Broadband (Sky can kiss my router) I am able to blog again (yup, sorry!).

What better way to start than with Alex’s 5th birthday bash bowling party.

Alex's salute - Taught by Granddad

Chris made a car cake for the 3rd year running – not saying Alex likes cars or anything… but yeah…

It was great fun – Everyone really enjoyed themselves and the kids were really well-behaved. Shame the staff lacked the competence and politeness of the kids, but that’s neither hear nor there…

Anyway, here’s a two and a bit minute video of the party. If you watch it for anything, watch it for the “Happy Birthday” song…. It was loud enough to distort the speakers and feedback pure white noise…. You had to be there… although you probably heard it if you were within 25 miles of the place….

Photo effects via iPhone 4 – Instagram, Dynamic light & Tiltshiftgen.

What’s playing in your ears right now?

First rule – be honest!

Don’t keep shuffling forward for cooler songs. This is a ‘getting to know you’ exercise.

  1. Turn on your MP3 player or generic brand music player on your computer.
  2. Go to SHUFFLE mode.
  3. Write down the first 20 songs that come up – title and artist.
  4. Add it to the comments section below and share with friends.

NO editing/cheating please

I have so much music – built up over the years… this could be bad….

  1. In My Car – Beach Boys
  2. Did it again – Shakira
  3. Walk on the Wild Side – Jimmy Smith
  4. Monkey House – T’Pau
  5. It’s Only Life – Wilson Phillips
  6. You Make Me Feel so Young – Frank Sinatra
  7. Umbrella – Biffy Clyro
  8. Bug Powder Dust – Bomb the Bass
  9. Secrets – Sunscreem
  10. Eleven Long Years – Us3
  11. One of my Turns – Pink Floyd
  12. Karmadrome – Pop Will Eat Itself
  13. Bank of Boston Beauty Queen – The Dresden Dolls
  14. Gonna Fly Now – Bill Conti
  15. Everyday I Love You Less and Less – The Kaiser Chiefs
  16. Warning – Levellers
  17. Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones
  18. Your Racist Friend – They Might be Giants
  19. Wild America – Iggy Pop
  20. Wish (Komm zu mir) – Thomas D & Franka Potente

Oh dear…..

Save cash on fuel

EDITED – See end of text for latest figures!

Since getting my old Audi A4 (1996 Saloon) I have covered over 6000 miles in under 3 months.

I drive over 100 miles a day – and that works out as an average of 76.1 miles a day including my none driving days!

That also works out at £8.04 a day on average…. and 659.8 miles per fill up.

So… I have the perfect chance to try several ways to save fuel.

I didn’t want to do anything over the top. I wanted to make slight changes to see what would happen. The type of changes you could do quite easily without altering your driving style so much.

Firstly I did a few journeys at my normal style. I’m no racer – I keep up with the traffic and drive as the traffic around me drives – so pretty average.

The table below shows a few statistics on my trips. I purchased the car with 113816 miles on the clock – so that is why the first line shows 0mpg – I hadn’t got anything to judge it against.

By the 27/08/09 I had covered 638 miles filling up with 57.63 litres – I had covered those 638 miles at 50.33mpg – a good starting point, as when I chose the car I was looking for 50mpg or more at the very least.

Screen shot 2009-11-09 at 20.36.37

The next entry and I only got 47.03mpg! I knew why though. I was a bit heavier on the throttle and harder on the brakes. I even went around a track which gave the impact of driving the car like a “boy racer” – although that was only for 3 miles…. ONLY 3 miles like an idiot racer and it hammered my economy.

The following fill up gave me 55.66mph – and that was by far gentler driving… but nothing major!

I still drove at the same speeds on the roads as I had done on the previous tests, but this time I didn’t floor the throttle to get to those speeds, and I didn’t use harsh braking to slow down.

I simply put enough throttle down to get the car moving, then as it gathered speed I’d change up a gear – but a little earlier than usual. The time it took to get up to my usual top speeds was a little slower, but it was there that most of the fuel savings took place.

When it came to driving I simply left a bigger gap between me and the car ahead. If I saw the cars ahead start to slow I would come off of the throttle straight away instead of catching up and having to brake.

This way I wasn’t wasting fuel by braking and accelerating all the time – I was just using the throttle to keep me gently at my cruising speed – which was the same cruising speed I had used from the beginning of the test.

As you can see – between harsh driving and gentle driving I had a change in mpg of 8.63 mpg… or 299 miles per tank – at the time that was £6.84 per tank saved. For me that is over £350 a year… which  covers MoT & Tax.

The thing is, the journey to and from work is not taking any longer. Just driving calmly, pre-empting what other cars were doing, having a feather weight foot rather than a lead one… it all added up.

I use the iPhone App – Road Trip to measure all of this. Since using it I have taken a greater interest in my economy – I even have all my expenses set up on it so I can see the true daily cost of my car once insurance, fuel, tax, MoT, services etc are taken into account. Currently it costs £12.21 a day – which is less than half the price of a return train ticket for my work!

Annoyingly the M3 then had months of road works – and the reduced speed took the car out of an economic cruise, so I lost the high mileage economy for a while. Still, I managed to keep the average up over 50mpg.


Yellow: Price per Litre / White: MPG / Blue: Average

I am now trying to hone my driving style to reduce the fuel cost even more. I mentioned that I would simply come off of the throttle if I was catching up with traffic. If I caught up too fast (nothing dangerous)  then I was using the brake. This isn’t the best way to save fuel…. You see modern cars that are aiming at giving better economy are now using engine braking to help save fuel. One way you can do this with older cars is to come off of the throttle, put the clutch in so the revs drop off, then slowly let the clutch out again. The speed of the car will then try to spin the engine revs back up again, and as this happens the energy used to spin the engine up is lost in speed. I am finding I can slow down quite smoothly this way – and in fact don’t need to use the brake unless I am coming to a dead stop, or if there is an event that requires faster stopping.

I also don’t sit on the clutch at traffic lights or on hills. I go into neutral and put the hand brake on. It doesn’t seem like much, but it all adds up. Correctly servicing the car, keeping the tyres to the correct pressure (an important safety check in its own right) – it’s all important in the fight to save fuel bills – and none of it is difficult to achieve.

It’s all about being calm – and it is true to a point, driving faster doesn’t get you there any quicker – but driving there with a bit more thought will save a lot of money.


Even though I spent some time stuck in traffic due to a huge problem on the M27, the results from clutch braking are showing through. I have just returned my best MPG to date at 56.18mpg – giving my daily running cost (including all bills etc) of just over 15 pence!). If I carried on driving hard, that would go up to £1.15!!! That’s a heck of a difference.

One person pointed out that this may wear the clutch out more… BUT… I am using less brakes and less fuel – which more than makes up for any additional clutch wear. Also. the clutch is gently slipping within a small speed & rev range, so the wear is much less than you would get when changing gear. So clutch wear is a mute point here.


I apologise…

‘Scuse me whilst I kiss the sky!!! I’m still a bit overly happy! I’m sorry!

Goodwood Revival 2009 will go down in my history books as the day I reverted to being 9 years old….


It’s always great – no two ways about it, the Revival is the greatest motorsport weekend there is. All the famous and not so famous race cars from the many years of track racing. Jaguars, Ferraris, Mercedes, Alvis, Ford, Chevy, Lotus, I could go on….and on… all battling in very heated full pace battles. Not replicas – these are the real deal… 50 to 60 years old and they are still adding to their history.


Why was this one different?

Well, by now you will know of my love for the XJ13 – the most beautiful car in the World – FACT (Okay, opinion, but it should be fact). This 60’s supercar managed 206mph under the guidance of the great Norman Dewis. It was the 13th model for Jaguar, hence the XJ13 tag… a mystical number… some see it as unlucky…it just adds to the tale.


It was going to be a Le Mans entry to crush the Ford GT40’s and Ferraris of the day, but just before it was ready the race rules changed and the XJ13 wasn’t allowed to race. It was the test bed for the Jaguar V12 powerplant that went on to get fitted in later Jaguars – notably the E-Type. In fact to launch the E-Type a photo shoot was called up with the XJ13 to add heritage to the new V12 E-type. On this outing one of the magnesium wheels “let go” and Norman had an almighty crash.

The car was all but written off – and luckily Norman survived!  Years later it was rebuilt and is now with the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Centre.

Named the thirteen…a still born racer that almost killed its test driver… a beautiful, powerful car that can still hold its own… those GT40’s got away lightly… the XJ13 would have eaten them alive.


I first saw the XJ13 many years ago at Beauleau Motor Museum and fell in love with it. Since then, on odd occasions we bump into each other. I eventually came to know of the TWR replica (Click here to link!) – the most accurate and faithful of the few replicas out there. At £105,000 it isn’t cheap – but then it is an XJ13….

It always stops me in my tracks, and today it did once more. As I rounded the corner as we walked through the Revival event I saw the TWR XJ13 sat there…. The engineer in charge of the project (Trevor – the T from TWR) was there and we got chatting about “her”. It was the first time I had got a chance to talk about the 13 with people actually involved.


After a long chat with Trevor I went off and caught up with Chris and Alex, where we all then took in the sights, sounds and action of the Revival. We met old and new friends on our walk about, and generally had a good time of it all.

Toward the end of the day (and this blog entry) I met the XJ13 again…but until then….


Carnaby in Goodwood


Alex getting into the spirit


Glam Cabs!

Spitfires, Messershmitt, Mustangs and a Vulcan took to the air, vintage racers blitzed the track… (Alex loved the Mini racing – which really was a nail bitter)… and we loved it. Fairground rides, Rockers, Dad’s Army, Laurel and Hardy, Hippies and Mods – static car displays the lot – Brilliant.

DSCF9180Dad’s Army


The ME109


Mad Mini’s going Hell for Leather


Huey – UH-1 with M-60


A pair of Aces? Mustangs down Low


Laurel and Hardy


The Italian Job

We caught up with my Father in Law as well, which Alex had been on about all day (he loves his Grandad!). Always great to catch up with him – although on race days he is obviously under a lot of stress and pressure with his job! I never really expect to see much of him on those days – so if we do manage to meet up it is always an added treat.

When we went to head home I decided to head back to the 13 to see if I could possible sit in her..it..her… I know it was a big ask, and pretty unlikely, bearing in mind the cost and “DO NOT TOUCH” labels on it..her…it…


As I rounded the corner again I reverted to being a kid once more, as stood chatting with the Trevor (Mr TWR) and next to the 13 – was Norman Dewis…

I went to take a photo of the two of them and the camera started to misbehave. Norman suggested I was out of film…. I tried again to get a shot.


Thanks to the ice breaker I found myself talking to Norman Dewis… Trevor then suggested I bought the Norman Dewis book (a huge tome about his life and key role in developing the Jaguar cars from C types to XJ saloons, XK’s and XJ’s…. his racing against other giants like Moss and Fangio…).

I’ve wanted it for a while…. It isn’t a cheap book, but it was 30% off for the Revival.. but still not cheap…. so I said I’d buy it as my Christmas present… as long as I could have a seat in the 13, and if Norman wouldn’t mind signing the book…..


Needless to say I ended up sat in the cockpit of the 13, with a signed book and several photo’s of me with Norman, the XJ13 and Alex, me and the 13….


I look a little mad in these pictures… but I was trying hard not to look too much like a kid in a candy shop!




Behind my head… 450hp of V12 in a 1200kg chassis…. SWEEEEET!

It was all over far too soon for my liking. As we wandered away I then spotted a golf cart heading towards me. It stopped… I recognised the driver and went over to shake hands and say “hello”….. Murray Walker! Yes, Mr Voice of Formula One himself! Murray Walker shook the hand that 1 minute earlier Norman Dewis and shaken… I may never wash it again! Two Legends!

How can I better this? Well…. unless I can raise the finances, the next step would be a trip out in a 13… (or THE 13….*shudder!*)… Better still would be some wheel time in the 13…. but hey! I’m still counting my lucky stars that I even managed to sit in this, one of the greatest cars to have ever existed.

So all that is left now, is for me to scour the marketplace to see who wants to buy a kidney…. one careful owner… only £105,000……


Budget Motoring doesn’t mean tiny cars…

Mr Audi (as Alex calls it), my ’96 Audi A4 has returned a fantastic set of figures for me.

Purchased for £1,700, this Audi A4 may be quite cheap and have a high mileage (114,000), but if you look carefully you can find a bargain. This one has a full service history and has been very well looked after.

Frugal Mr Audi

Frugal Mr Audi

Even for an old, high mileage car it is in great condition and all the toys work. Better still the TDi diesel engine has been well maintained and is still very tight and smokeless.

Even better…. Mr Audi just returned 55mpg to me getting me 771.2 miles from a tank of fuel.

That’s a true 55mpg over a complete tank of fuel – not just the best “one off” trips.

I ran down to the red line and refilled with 63 litres (officially the tank holds 62.5 litres…. I was very close to running out of fuel on my way home!).

This is the true reading!

This is the true reading! I was still running at this stage (I had just got to the garage!)

Using the iPhone application “Road Trip” I have been tracking all my costs on the Audi to make sure everything is in order, and to ensure I capture anything that might look like it is about to go wrong. A reduction in fuel economy can mean a problem with the car, so that alone is worth keeping an eye on.

Since purchase....

Since purchase....

On the above picture from “Road Trip” software, you can see the drop to 47.03mpg during the recent Goodwood circuit outing – which really wrecked my last economy figures!

I decided to pay a little more attention over my latest tank of fuel. I didn’t drive over-slowly,  In fact I kept up with most of the faster moving traffic at around 70mph. I drove sensibly by slow acceleration and looking a long way ahead to try and avoid too much braking. I slowed by taking my foot off of the throttle in advance, rather than braking later.

Just this gentle driving was enough to raise my previous best 630 miles from a tank up to this great 771.2 miles. Driving smoother really does make a huge difference – Give it a go.

ROAD TRIP data view

ROAD TRIP data view

Bad Cars, Monster Bugs & Colour me Good!

Shopping in Camberley over the weekend….Two parts – The Travesty of the Chevy Aveo and the Awesome VW Baja Bug… (you may wish to skip to the VW Baja bug part…)

As I had to go shopping & visit the bank at the weekend, and Chris has some trips to take during the week, I hired a cheap car.

It’s a Chevrolet Aveo, and it’s all wrong!

Not bad looking... terrible personality though
Not bad looking… terrible personality though
Note too bad here either... just dont touch!
Not too bad here either… just don’t touch!

It looks okay inside and out (once you ignore the huge cheap plastic Chevrolet badge), but once you get tactile, the thing proves to be very cheap and flimsy. Thin plastic dashboard, body panels that pop in and out – but to look at, it’s not bad….

Once the engine starts and you pull away…. eventually…. you gain some speed…. then you’ll have to steer….

It wallows and rolls from the lowest speeds and gets worse as you get faster. The steering is super light and the slightest turn of the wheel has the car turning as though it’s one of those bikes from Disney’s “Tron“! Trouble is, it feels like it’s about to fall over at any moment! It is actually scary!

It’s a bit like a speed boat… It drives as though it is about to flip over and the steering is far too light! It’s so light the car needs constant adjusting to stay straight – Not great on a motorway!

Worse still is the suspension! For all of that wallowing and threats to roll the car over at walking pace, you end up breaking your back if you hit pebbles or slight bumps in the road! How can the ride be so harsh when the handling is so soft and pathetic?!

Fuel economy is great though…. So it looks alright, economy is great… ride is terrible and handling is more vague than a cornered politician.

BUT…. once it was parked in the Camberley car park things picked up! Well…. that’s because we had parked next to the most awesome of VW Beetles!

Wicked Bug!
Wicked Bug!

Alex thought it was brilliant – A big Herbie! Big Racing Herbie!!! – and I think he was spot on! It was brilliant! I’m not a great VW Bug fan, but this one looked fantastic! Thumbs up to the VW Baja Bug!

I took the opportunity to use my iPhone photo adjustment applications. Due to the car park environment the Beetle didn’t really stand out – but some new software on the iPhone (ColorSplash and Photogene) produced some great shots!

The before shot….

…and after…

These two applications are great on the iPhone. I have had lots of success (well, I think I have!) adjusting various pictures I have taken… Here are a few more… or follow THIS LINK to see my Flickr page.

E-Type Jaguar at Goodwood Breakfast Club Event

The 1lb burger from my America Trip

Bowler Wildcat from 2006 Goodwood Festival of Speed

MSN PLUS – How to escape

Several years ago I bought MSN Premium services for me and Chris…. like 7 years ago….

I tried to cancel 3 years ago because Google offer the whole lot for free. Heck, Googlemail and all the other Google services run rings around Microsoft.

The trouble with cancelling from MSN is that it would be easier to find the one ring that controls them all… to pass wind through the eye of a needle…to actually watch all the Adam Sandler movies back to back without killing yourself… than it is to cancel an MSN subscription.

I searched the net for like minded people… there are many. MSN apparently lie our money and make giving it to them easy… but trying to get it back or stop payment is a different matter.

Oddly enough though I thought that an expired credit card would soon have them contact me – seeing as they failed to return my emails – and the customer support links in the MSN Premium web pages were always “under maintenance”.

Nope… I still got emails saying that maney was being taken from the expired card.

Others that had tried to end subscriptions had posted information and links on the net – trouble is it appears that MSN keep changing the location of any pages that allow you to unsubscribe, so all of the links were no good.

I had to search and search until I finally managed to get an online chat with an MSN representitive. The answers he gave were odd and disturbing to say the least….

Here is the transcript:

LRB: Initial Question/Comment: MSN Premium:general question

Anthony has joined this session!

Connected with Anthony. Your reference number for this chat session is 1xxxxxxx7.

LRB (Me): Hello

Anthony: Thank you for contacting MSN Support. I’m Anthony, I’ll be your Support Assistant. Please give me a moment while I access your account and verify this information.

Anthony: Thank you for patiently waiting, Lucas. How are you doing? 🙂

LRB (Me): I’m a bit confused to be honest

Anthony: Don’t worry, I will do my best to help you.

Anthony: I understand that you want to cancel your MSN Premium subscription and I’m sorry to learn that you’ve decided to discontinue this service. For documentation purposes, may we know the reason for cancellation?

LRB (Me): I haven’t used the service for a few years. I tried to cancel last year but nothing happened.

LRB (Me): The service is good – but just not what I need now (Got to be nice – It’s much easier if you’re nice to them)

Anthony: I understand. Please give me a minute while I access my tools and cancel this subscription for you. Please stay online for your confirmation number.

LRB (Me): What has confused me is that my billing card expired in 2005 – yet each year you seem to renew. I no longer have that card…it expired!

Anthony: Thank you for patiently waiting. I have processed your request to cancel your MSN Premium subscription, and your confirmation number is 1xxxxxxxxx8. Effective immediately, your subscription is canceled. Would there be anything else I can assist you with?

Anthony: We apologize for the inconvenience.

LRB (Me): I also pay for my wifes service and need to cancel that one too.

Anthony: Let me inform you that Microsoft/MSN will try to charge the credit card on file regardless of the status until the subscription has been canceled. So you did the right thing in contacting us to cancel the MSN subscription to avoid future charges.

Anthony: I can also assist you in canceling your wife’s MSN subscription. Can you give me her primary e-mail address?

LRB (Me): xxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com – All the addresses and billing info are the same as mine

Anthony: Okay. Please give me a minute while I access my tools and cancel this subscription for you. Please stay online for your other confirmation number.

LRB (Me): If my card has expired, has MSOFT been able to even take my money – or has this just been overlooked for the past 4 years?

Anthony: Your credit card has been charged but nothing has been taken out of it. (Okay…. so the past few years MSN have charged a dead credit card, but not taken any money out – Remember this……)

LRB (Me): Ah right. I could have carried on with free subscriptions then! Doesn’t matter as I haven’t been using it, but still!

LRB (Me): How’s it going with that second number?

Anthony: Thank you for patiently waiting. I have processed your request to cancel your wife’s MSN Premium subscription and issued a refund for 34.95 GBP. Effective immediately, your wife’s subscription is canceled. Microsoft will process your refund within 72 hours. It may take longer than 72 hours to appear on your bank or credit card statement. Your confirmation number is 1xxxxxxx2. Would there be anything else I can assist you with?

LRB (Me): How can money that wasn’t taken be repaid into a card that doesn’t exist? I’m a bit confused now.

Anthony: The refund is for the subscription of your wife which still has 4 more months.

LRB (Me): Yes, but it would have been on the same card – which expired in 2005…. So the money couldn’t have been taken from it (as you said). I just want to know how it can now be refunded if it wasn’t taken? You see my problem?

Anthony: There is a tie up between selected banks and Microsoft that will let Microsoft charge even the expired credit cards so the subscription can be reactivated. (That’s a bit scary then. An expired card won’t stop payment – You have to jump through all the hoops and get the cancellation numbers – There is no other way, just the near impossible way that MSN have set up…)

LRB (Me): Does that mean money can still be taken by MSoft even if the card has expired?

LRB (Me): or that it can just charge?

Anthony: Yes. That’s why you really need to cancel the service to avoid these kinds of trouble in the future.

LRB (Me): Sorry – was that yes to Msoft can still take the money?

Anthony: Yes, that’s correct.  (OKAY….. so what he said a minute ago about “not taking money out” was bulls**t)

LRB (Me): Okay. Finally then, why is it so difficult to cancel any Msoft subscriptions? Everything is complicated and hidden away, yet to pay for things it’s all very easy. I tried to cancel last year and yet the renewal still came through this year -all very contrary.

Anthony: We apologize for the inconvenience. We are trying our best to present an easy and quick process in canceling MSN subscriptions. I’m glad I was able to process the cancellation to both your accounts. Can I assist you with anything else, Lucas?

LRB (Me): That’s all, thank you very much Tony. (It was a small thing using Tony and not Anthony… but I felt a bit of warmth for that…. )

Anthony: You’re welcome. Thank you for contacting MSN Support. Bye.

So… I would really like to give you the links and info on how you too can cancel any MSN subscriptions, but I can’t. They change the link addresses so any link I post will no doubt be dead as soon as I post it. Feel free to drop me a line and I’ll try to help you out though.

Where does this leave me then? Well, now I am adamant that that I will not touch Microsoft products ever again.

I bought an Apple iPhone a while back…. It impressed me so much that I took the big leap and bought a Mac laptop. I am so impressed by the Mac laptop that I am perfectly happily enough to never buy a PC again. Windows is history, MSoft is history… and I don’t care how good an XBox could be, I’m sticking with PS3 and whatever new none Msoft systems hit the market.

True, the Mac appears to be pricier than a Windows computer if you compare hardware specifications, but IGNORE that… The Mac uses all it’s parts in such an efficient way that although it has a lower spec, it far out performs far higher specification PC’s…. Infact I will go as far to say that you would need to spend more money on a PC to meet the performance of a lesser specified Mac.

I don’t use MS Office or any other hugely expensive MSoft software, because SUN make free software that is MSoft compatable OPEN OFFICE.

It doesn’t end there. Why pay for Windows operating systems when there are free operating systems out there? You could even use the standard Mac O/S which costs next to nothing compared to MSofts software.

MSoft just want your money and rely on people buying there stuff because they don’t know of the other options.

I am not an Apple Fanboy or PS3 fanboy, I’m just someone who doesn’t like the second rate service and products of Microsoft – and I don’t like them telling me what I should and shouldn’t have when there are better options out there.

Twitter Mikeyy Hack – How to fix & avoid

Worried about Mikeyy hack?


Apparently random tweets being sent out from your account – Sounds like you have the worm… Heck – you might not even know until someone tells you….

BNO NEWS and TechCrunch Explains.

To avoid this hack DO NOT visit any other Twitter users profile. The worm is spread when you visit someone’s infected profile.

Also – do not click any links to STALK DAILY – Do not even visit the site. It is linked to the hack.

Better still – DO NOT USE Twitter via Twitter.com itself. Use iTweet, Tweetdeck, Twitterfon etc – any third party application AS LONG as it doesn’t link and open pages within Twitter.com itself.

Once more, the iPhone’s Twitterfon application is riding the waves on this one! A brilliant application!

WARNING!!! Tweetdeck is one of the applications that can link and open peoples profiles in Twitter.com itself – THIS IS BAD!!!!

If you use an application like this, be careful. In fact with Tweetdeck you can see peoples profiles within Tweetdeck itself. Just go into settings (the spanner at the top right) and UNCHECK (untick) the box in the GENERAL TAB that says “OPEN PROFILES IN WEB PAGE (SAVES API)”

NOTE: This hack DOES NOT steal your password. It doesn’t break into your bank account and steal your identity – it’s just a pain in the backside. It only works when you are logged in to Twitter – so it doesn’t need your password.

FIX: If you have the hack already – go into your twitter settings and reset them and change your password.

More fix info HERE if the above doesn’t sort it for you (Cheers for the heads up Julie).

This is all I have learnt so far – If you have anything to add, then please feel free to enlighten me!

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