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33 years ago in the future

I have just been watching the BBC show “Life on Mars” about a 2006 cop who finds himself in 1973.

It makes me wonder what the next 33 years hold in store. The thing that grabbed my mind was not the old fashioned and outdated versions of the everyday items that we take for granted now, but the things we take for granted that didn’t even exist back in ’73 when I was born.

What will my child(ren) have that hasn’t even been thought about yet? Back in the 70’s they didn’t even have rough ideas of things to come. It wasn’t a case of how small or powerful the next mobile phone would be, as there were no ideas of mobile phones or pc’s, no cd’s and definately no mp3…none of that stuff even existed in anyone’s dreams.

What does the World hold in store for our future?

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