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After seeing Kate Smurthwaite shut down one of her counterparts in a religious debate (she was representing the National Secular Society), I came up with this new image.

Before posting it, I sent it to her to see if she was okay with it.

She replied saying that she loved it – and that she had also sent it to Nicky Campbell (the show host). I highly recommend looking her up.

God and Son

Kate blogs about the incident HERE.

Kate Smurthwaite is a stand-up comic and political activist.

Follow her on Twitteror her BLOG, or visit her YouTube channel.


BBC – The Big Questions

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One born every minute

Multiblade electric razor sharpeners… and now this…

Dettol have come up with an automatic hand soap dispenser!

Selling to idiots I feel….

The advert shows people getting dirty hands & then TRANSFERING THOSE GERMS (dust mite debris, pet dander, pollen particals etc) TO THE TOP OF THE OLD MANUAL HAND PUMPED DISPENSER!!!!!


Erm…. So what?

Once you’ve pumped soap you don’t touch the top again…do you?

Pump, wash, dry?


Am I missing something?

Do people pump soap & wash their hands… then rub their hands over the pump again before performing surgery on babies brains or before preparing blowfish sushi on a Dettol clean kitchen floor for people with gastric problems?

I understand having taps that you don’t touch, after all you have to turn those off after washing – but an automatic hands free soap pump?

Suckers will buy this for sure.


Big Brother fans. Stupid?

Ok, this to me shows a great lack of intelligence from some Big Brother / Davina McCall fans.

You see Davina is on Twitter as @ThisisDavina. She has an amazing 63069 followers, yet when she asked Twitter followers where the # key is on her Apple Mac, several of her followers still retweeted (forwarded) her request to everyone they knew…

So what?

Well, that’s like the people who forwarded the request are actually saying:

“Out of all 63069 of us Davina followers, we don’t think any of us will have a clue as to where the # is on a Mac…. So we, the Big Brother / Davina fans, need outside help.”

Oddly I’m not shocked. I think Davina is a great presenter, but I really think Big Brother should have ended before it began. It’s brought us “famous for being famous” people who really are the bottom feeders of the human food chain.

Replacing Bernie

I spent the day looking at cars to replace the dead Citroen Berlingo. By dead I mean murdered…. by a numpty who doesn’t understand what a red light means… or that it isn’t possible to drive THROUGH a car.

I’m not happy about car hunting under pressure. The pressure being that the insurance payout has been sent and we have just 8 days to find a new car and then we have to give back the courtesy car…. That’s 8 days from when they sent the cheque… not from when it has cleared…. so go figure…. 3 days in the post… 5 days to clear…. that leaves ZERO days once we get the cash! We don’t have that type of cash to go out and get a replacement before the money clears, so the pressure is on to find a car from a dealer that will accept a small depost and then the full payment once the insurance money clears….

….and that annoys me….

If I am looking for a car, I like to take my time and not have to force my decision. I like to have private and trade to look through. As it is I can only go trade as no private seller would work a deposit from a card payment (which is the only way I can do it…. remember the crap financial situation I ended up in after my bad back and “support” from my previous company….).

I have been looking for cars for a while ever since the crash – just in case. Trouble is even if I found a car, I couldn’t do anything about it until the money came through… and by then the car I had seen for sale would have been gone.

So… I am forced into an 8 day window with only trade sellers – and I can only search on Saturday and Sunday… so 2 days. That really doesn’t give me much choice.

I reckon if someone crashes into you, then you should get the value of the car PLUS compensation for the fact you are pretty much forced to buy what you need, instead of being able to take your time and get what you want. I may end up with a junker at the end of all of this. I haven’t found the car I want – but they do come on the market several times a week… but I don’t have time to wait due to these insurance restrictions… GAH!!!!

I pretty fed up of all of this stuff – We get all the pain all due to that idiot driver…. whose parents own a car breakers, so he was back on the road straight away. Grrrrrr

Tyred again, but happy

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

No, really. Ha ha.

Remember this?

How about this?

Well… here we go again! After my eventful trip out on Monday in the snow and idiots, I had to call the car lease company up.

It is a company car, so everything has to be done through MASTERLEASE – and once more they failed to not let me down (read it again, it does make sense).

I went out to the car to pump the front tyres up after my Monday trip where I had reduced the tyre pressure. Before pumping them up I turned on the ignition to warm the car up and start de-icing. As the engine started alarms started ringing. My ABS (anti-skid) was showing a fault and my brake pads were showing to be low – “WARNING – CONTACT GARAGE”.

So I thought I’d pump my tyres up and go to work, then do the necessary calls from there. The ABS was an intermittent fault and I can drive with or without it, so I wasn’t worried. The brake pad alarm was a little more concerning, but I know that they have an error margin – and a 20 mile drive wasn’t going to cause a problem.

I pump my tyres up… then as I walk around to the back of the car I see the rear tyre is flat. Totally. Not again…..

So I decide to call work and tell them I’d be late, as after changing the tyre for a space saver I wasn’t going out on icy roads!

I then call Masterlease and give them all my details. They tell me the warnings and the tyre are separate issues that need to go through different contacts. They then took my details to book the garage (I asked for Mill Lane Fiat in Aldershot, as they are close by and very good) and went to put me through to their breakdown service to get the car to a garage. They said even with a tyre change I wasn’t allowed to drive it due to the warning lights. Fair enough.

I asked if I should arrange with the Mill Lane garage for a loan car, but Masterlease said no – that would be dealt with by the breakdown service and not the garage. Apparently the driver of the recovery vehicle would take me to pick up a spare car whilst mine was fixed.

So… Masterlease put me through to the breakdown service who take all of my details again… after a few minutes they then tell me that the recovery contract has expired and I should call Masterlease….. Oh for *^%*&^%( sake.

I call Masterlease and they apologise… take all of my details and pass me onto another recovery agent whom I pass on all my details etc, etc, etc……

So… the breakdown guy turns up – sees the tyre and says he can’t tow it like that and he wasn’t told he’d have to change a tyre. Man oh man – I was happy enough to offer to do it, but I was told by Masterlease to leave it for him to do. Idiots.

So as the breakdown guy changes the tyre he asks where we are taking the car. I tell him Mill Lane Fiat…then explain to him where it is. I then asked if we would pick up my replacement vehicle on route….

Yup, he had no idea about a replacement car… “Sorry mate, nothing to do with me“…

Great… He wasn’t told about the tyre or the replacement car.

I phone Masterlease and explain that the recovery guy has no idea about the replacement car. Masterlease replied “He should do…..” My they are clever aren’t they?

I said that as I know the people at Mill Lane Fiat, would it be okay to get a courtesy car through them and book it to Masterlease…. they replied “Oh yes, that would be okay…“.. &*^^&# If you recall, I had asked that IN THE FIRST PLACE AND THEY SAID NO!!!! Calm…. calm….. calm….

So I ask the recovery guy to hold fire once he had loaded my car on his truck. I then called Mill Lane Fiat… who funnily enough had no idea that my car was going in to be fixed, or that I would need a courtesy car. Good old Masterlease. Unfortunately they had no courtesy cars available, but after I chatted to them they were happy to look over my car to see if it was a quick “there and then” type fix. Bloody good people at Mill Lane (You can tell by the way I keep saying their name!).

Simple solution then. As I had been told I HAD to go with the recovery guy I ask him to drop the car at the garage and I would catch up in my wife’s Berlingo. Once at the garage I would wait for an answer and then drive home to pick Chris up so we could go back to Mill Lane to then collect my car….

Now it would  have been better if I could have just left the recovery guy to drop my car off. Mill Lane could then look at it AND THEN I could go with Chris to pick it up – saving a lot of time and driving hassle… but no – I had to be there to sign the recovery guys paperwork.

Before we left to go to Mill Lane Fiat (they are very, very good) I said to the recovery guy if he could wait at Mill Lane for me, as I would need to de-ice Chris’s car before I could drive it… He said he couldn’t really wait, so in case I didn’t get there in time I signed the paperwork before he left……

YES…. What he had pretty much said was that he could drop the car off at Mill Lane without needing me there… although by now I just wasn’t going to argue. Jeeez.

Eventually the car was delivered to Mill Lane. They measured my pads and carried out fault diagnosis and found everything to be okay. Probably ice and snow causing an electrical fault. Fair enough, these things happen and you can’t find out where the intermittent fault was after the event -I know that form my engineering work.

So cars went back and forth and eventually both Chris and myself are back home. I call Masterlease who then send out the tyre guy (I should have him on speed dial by now after the amount of call outs he has had from me…).

By the time everything is done it is 4pm. Work closes in 1 hour, and I really need to see my boss (as I had hinted in this blog entry). I hadn’t been able to do it the day before due to the snow. I got there with 20 minutes to spare, and then had a meeting with my boss so I could hand my resignation in…. Yes – finally you hear the good news! (not for him, mind you). A resignation should be given face to face – it is a personal thing.

Due to various events last year (including, but not purely THIS ONE) I had to get a new job. One came through with a lot more cash and a better prospect. My current company are putting people on part time and have made a few people redundant due to the credit crunch… SO… more money in a company that is hiring, or less money in a company that is making redundancies (even though I wasn’t going to be one of them). It was a no brainer.

So, as from March I shall be starting work as a Sales Executive within an aircraft interior component manufacturing company – Happy days!

I’ll end with this: The warning fault is back even though I the brake pads are fine. Unfortunately it is now beeping a high pitched beep as well, and it is a pain to drive!!! It isn’t Mill Lanes fault, as I said intermittent faults are a real pain… but the real trouble is I had to call Masterlease again. That was at 8am this morning…. They said they would get back to me…. it’s 1.15pm now and I haven’t heard a thing. Idiots.

If I lease a car in future, I’ll go with LING.

People are idiots

Today on the way to Tesco (Meadows), a silver Espace undertook Chris in the left lane (coming from Hawley) off of the traffic lights on the Meadows roandabout. They did this so they could cut in front to get into her lane – just so they could get to Tesco those few seconds quicker.

Was getting to the 24 hour shops such an important thing?

Was it worth someones life?

The idiot driver, apart from cutting Chris up, then ran the next set of traffic lights and narrowly missing a lady on the pedestrian crossing (on the road leading off of the roundabout, on the way to The Meadows shops).

Did they simply not see the big red lights, black and white stripes AND the pedestrian in the middle of the road?

Hand in your licence at the nearest Police station you idiot – and don’t think about getting in a car again. People like you take away loved ones from everyone else – just so you can save a couple of seconds.

Witness to idiocy

We have a sign on our door politely saying we do not want junk mail, fliers, menus or any cold callers. Very self explanatory.

So how come the foreign pamphlet distributers understand it, yet a couple of old English Jehova preachers don’t? You’re not special. The sign on the door doesn’t say “Except for blinkered religious nuts”.

I almost felt sorry for these pensioner preachers after their first few words…

“We are delivering this pamphlet World wide…”

In those shoes? Surely your feet will be killing you? And just that one pamphlet? You don’t expect more than one person in your World wide door knockathon to take the pamphlet?

Surely they meant that their organisation of brain washed lonelies were delivering pamphlets World wide, and not just them with that one pamphlet…?

No wonder they couldn’t understand the sign, they had barely enough brain washed understanding left to know how to ring a doorbell and spout out their emotionally bleached de-personalised bull.


Two sticks, a pushchair and a rant!!!

Well, in just under a month (and I haven’t been out today…yet) I have covered over 120km training. Most of it was walking due to my back – and some of it was with Alex in his pushchair around the lake. Both of these things keep me in a comfortable stable position and are currently things I look forward to, as normal walking is still leaving me in pain and hobbling along gingerly – I hope the physiotherapy can sort that out, as this joke is wearing thin now!

I noticed on Facebook (an internet social web-group) that there are a small hand full of people who are anti-Nordic Walking (or Ski-Walking, as some people call it).So much so that they have set up and “Anti-Nordic Walking group“… Ha ha ha!!!! Yes… What are you going to do then? Block my way with “Down with that thing you do that we are too thick to understand” banners? Grow up you morons and look at yourselves.

These people see it as some Finnish fad fitness thing like a lot of these diets that come out, and haven’t looked at what it can do for them…. Mind you, they are probably mindless morons who think it is stupid because it is different… and includes having to do something other than watch football and drink beer.

It may look a bit odd to a passer by (somewhat like a hiker who is constantly one pace ahead of his walking sticks) – and that is what some of these morons have picked up on!

Hey look at the guy/girl with those sticks…. HAHAHAHA it’s funny because we know no better…. now lets point and laugh at disabled people and drink cheap lager at the elderly…

Still, what can be expected from the type of people who came from the shallow end of the gene pool?

And so the rant begins…. I guess it might have something to do with Stephen Fry, King Midas and Podgrams…and why it is often a good thing (or bad, if you happen to be the Barber of a certain Midas) to have a rant down a hole…..So this blog entry is that hole…..

So, the idiot thinking behind people who lack the intelligence to understand things that are new to them….The scary thing is, this type of thinking is mainly part of a mob culture – and as such, these low brow knuckle dragger’s just build in numbers… and as they build in numbers they become the majority… and these same idiots have the vote. These same people who have an inability to think for themselves end up being able to vote – and the politicians know they can buy these people with a few promises of what they want to hear. It’s not about what is best for the country – it is about what the politicians can say so that they get voted in again and again…. even if that leaves the UK as a lager land of Burberry wearing work shy idiots.

Yup… a bit of a rant today. I can’t do much due to my back, and on my wanders out I see these work shy Neanderthals, fags in gobs, just lolling around or annoying everyone with their tuned up plastic body kitted cars and dolled up plastic faced girlfriends….dragging around kids who’ll be lucky to not end up brain damaged from all the smoke and cheap booze that their parents force them to endure – pre and post birth.

Why does it make me mad? Well I’d rather be working – I like to earn and do my job, and doing nothing isn’t great (yes – it isn’t through my choice, but it’s still annoying)…. especially when I see that my taxes are being spent on these morons so they can claim benefits and live in houses better than the one I work hard to keep.

Happy place….happy place……

Ah… that’s better….

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