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Lord March’s ‘Big Wing’

Goodwood Revival time again….

The annual event that I go to because I enjoy it (obviously), and because I use the Revival Spitfire display as a time to reflect on, and remember my Dad.

Once more, lots of fearless drivers in priceless historic cars doing their best to give the insurance companies heart attacks…

… yet this year all of the racing, side shows, fashions and paddocks full of historic cars, all of everything… was overshadowed (for me) by a chance encounter.

I saw a couple of Spitfires parked along the airfield, so I took a stroll to get closer and grab a photo…. but as I drew closer I saw another Spitfire… and another, and a couple more…and another … and two more… and another couple….

I had never seen so many Spitfires in a line up. Not even static ones on permanent display, let alone airworthy ones!

Then I noticed each had a pilot in, awaiting a clearing in the weather (it was hoofing it down with rain)…

And then…. one by one… the engines rumbled in to life…. a bell was rung… engine revs picked up and ten Spitfires scrambled…

As the final one took off the crowd applauded!

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. This was a momentous occasion… Ten Spitfires flying together… TEN!!!

I admit I had a lump in my throat and had to hold a tear back…. and I was not in the minority.

My Dad would have loved this a Hell of a lot.


Fly Past.


There are more Goodwood pictures to follow, but really THIS was the be all and end all of the day for me.


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