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Cam again?


I don’t particularly like people who wear camouflage to look cool or tough. I really don’t like those who wear it to pretend they are military or ex-military. Glory seeking bastards.

Heck, I don’t like to wear mine in public if I don’t have a good reason.

I do wear it because you can pick up ex-military and military surplus camo clothes for a fraction of the price of other work clothes, and the military stuff is much tougher. Great for working on the car, gardening, and in my case, hunting rabbits. Let’s face it, DPM camo is designed to make being seen harder… So why wouldn’t I wear it when hunting bunnies?

Anyway… After a morning of rabbiting to help keep the numbers down, stocking my freezer (and stopping the number of cow leg breaking holes being dug in the farmer’s meadow), I like to get a hearty breakfast from the local posh garden centre. A huge breakfast of stacked eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, toast and a cup of tea is just the thing to end a hunt and start a day, and this place does a fantastic breakfast with local fresh meats and eggs.

Often there are old folk there, pottering around the bedding plants, looking at the fish in the ponds, buying boiled sweets, and having tea and cake with their remaining elderly friends. Most of them are quiet lovely, although there is always one bitter, entitled old hag who’s outlived her friends and as she no longer works, she goes to cafes and garden centres to complain loudly at the staff about mundane crap, but that’s another story.

On this day, post hunt, I was in good spirits and in need of a dustbin lid sized breakfast platter. I found a seat in the cafe and ordered the ‘mega-breakfast’. It’s not just a clever name – it really is huge.

As the food was brought over to me and placed on my table, an smart tweed dressed elderly man who was sat with his equally well dressed wife, looked over at me as I sat contemplating where to start on my mountainous meal. I noticed he was looking at me, so I looked up and smiled the smile of a person who was on the brink of gorging themselves on one of the finest breakfasts around.

“That’s a heroes breakfast!” he said and smiled.

I nodded back. He wasn’t wrong after all as this was one hell of a challenge, but I was up for it!

I ate the whole lot, ending with me mopping the juices up with my toast and downing the last of my cup of tea. A quick wipe of my beard to avoid any egg faced embarrassment and I got up to leave. As I walked past the old chap’s table I nodded a ‘goodbye’… and he returned my nod with his own nod, and then said softly;

“I’m proud of you son…”

I looked sheepishly at him and gave a single smiling nod, said thank you, and walked away.

Quite bizzare that he’d said that, but it was a huge breakfast and he probably wouldn’t have managed half of it. Still seemed odd that he was proud of me for doing so!

As I walked to the exit it dawned on me what I’d been oblivious too.

I was in full camo, right down to army kit boots. 

He’d thought I was a serving member of our armed forces.

I felt terrible. I didn’t intend to mislead anyone; I hadn’t even thought about it. He was giving me praise for something I hadn’t done – and whereas some bastards dress in military gear just to get that praise, I am not one of them.

I donated some money to the very next ‘Help For Heroes‘ charity that I saw – if anything, just to pay it forward. I didn’t earn his praise, so I felt I had to make amends somehow.


I won’t stop wearing camo; Like I said at the start, I have reasons to wear it… but I shall donate if I ever get genuinely mistaken for a member of our armed forces again (or happen to be passing someone collecting for them).

Gun accident as do-gooders shoot selves in feet.

I do charity stuff. To be honest I don’t have lots of spare change so I go and do things & collect sponsorship. I donate me to help raise money – and yes, I do sponsor people in their endeavours too. I put a percentage of sale profit into charity on auction sites. I always sign that tax waiver for organisations/museums so they get a bit more back.

It’s been over a year & I still have a broken ‘fund raisers leg’ for my efforts – and I’d do it again.

I do it for charities close to my heart.

Here goes…


I like big BUT(ts)

Too many charity posts are appearing on the ‘social media’ sites.

It’s like the boy who cried wolf… I’m starting to just flick past them. They’re self defeating.

Game invite, game invite, food photo, charity, charity, game invite, charity, selfie, charity, charity, charity.

I just saw a bike ride from London to Paris in aid of Alzheimer’s Research, and rather than think ‘I should donate’, my charity numbed mind just thought ‘I hope they use GPS Tracking’.

These ice bucket challenges are kind of bullying too. People are doing them not because they want to raise the cash, but because the peer pressure is so fucking high. It is internet bullying wrapped up in ribbons – and everyone tries to out do each other.

I’m off to donate to an Alzheimer’s charity to make up for that.

What annoys me are people complaining that Macmillan have ‘hijacked’ the ice bucket challenge. You’ll find some people did the challenge for Macmillan because they have more of a connection in their life with cancer than ALS, and other people followed that idea.

Hell, the ice bucket/ice bath fund raiser idea was around way back when I was at school in the early 1980’s, and way before then to.

What next? You can’t sit in a bath of cold baked beans to raise money for disabled kids, because sitting in beans is only for raising money for the blind?!?

Get some perspective here: IT’S ALL FOR CHARITY.

I think Macmillan have raised 5% of what ALS have taken, so that’s £50 thousand for every £1 MILLION ALS get.

To put that sum into relative values: 5 thousand people die from ALS each year, yet over 14 MILLION die from cancer.

At the end of the day though, as I’ve said before: it is all going to charity. If people want to get bitchy about what charity gets what, then maybe they need to look at the 25,000 people who die DAILY from malnutrition.

BUT in the first world, we don’t care so much about malnutrition deaths. We care more about the causes of death closer to our own lives & hearts – and those causes are what people want to give to, and for some damned good reasons.

If my house was on fire & my family was inside, I’d be way more concerned with that than cancer or ALS. It’s what is closest to you that counts – and that doesn’t mean some people dying from AIDS, ALS, Cancer, house fires, for our freedom in conflict zones, from natural disasters, are any less or more important than the others.

So – if you want to raise money & awareness for charities, then you are a true blue died in the wool hero, and I salute you. Just don’t expect everyone to jump on your charity when they have causes closer to their own hearts.

And don’t go bitching about people stealing ideas to raise money to save the lives of *this* bunch of people instead of *this* bunch of people, because that’s fucking weak.

Spock out.

Rallying to the call

The Help For Heroes 4×4 rally continues – and they are doing great!

Series Team are still powering on through Europe!

Please don’t forget the sponsorship page will remain open for the entire rally, and some time after. https://www.bmycharity.com/V2/S2A

We really want to raise all that we can for Help for Heroes 4×4 European Rally – So please, spread the word and give what you can.

Regardless of whether you think our troops should be out in the places that they are, the facts remain:  – They ARE out there, and they are getting killed and wounded.

Saying they shouldn’t be out there doesn’t help bring back the ones who have been killed, it doesn’t help the wounded…. So please, protest all you like about the politics of what is going on, if that’s how you feel, but don’t forget the men and women who have been sent out to do a job under our country’s flag.

Times may be tough, but these soldiers put their lives on the line for us, so let’s show them that we appreciate what they do.

Thanks! Lucas.

Tracking the Rally

As the Techno-Engineer for Series Team (read: Geek) I’m posting this link so people can LIVE TRACK the event as it unfurls. In the the case of Series Team and their Series II it won’t be unfurling all that fast…. but she is an old girl!

Live tracking of the Help For Heroes 4×4 European Rally will be available from Saturday 18th June, 2011 at 09:00hrs

(That’s 9 in the morning for the less tech-timed of you).

Click on the RADAR to go to the tracking site.

Live Tracking

Everyone is busy busy!

A lapse in blogging and tweeting recently as a lot has been going on.

Alex has started “Big School” now (he’s 4 1/2), so whilst we still had some summer left I took time off of work to spend it with him whilst he is still mainly him, without the addition of whatever he picks up at school. I don’t mean that in a bad way, as I am sure he’ll grow into a brilliant lad with all the encounters and friends that’ll go his way – but this is the last time he’ll be purely him.

It was an action packed week and a bit. We visited a “Help for Heroes” auction at a car collectors house, Goodwood Breakfast Club, Mercedes World, Brooklands Motor Museum, The Lookout (nature discovery centre), Coral Reef (water slides), The Cinema (Marmaduke), Marwell Zoo…. yup, we did a lot..

We had great fun – but to be honest with you, it’d probably not make for such an interesting blog read – so I’ll pop up a few pictures with links to the albums… and just one mention of an event that made us laugh a little too hard… the Einstein we encountered at The Outlook discovery centre….

Is that polyox a non-Newtonian fluid?” asks a kid to the two slime show presenters at the discovery display.

Amusing though that was, I just wanted to shout “Power Off Einstein… this is about snot & slime for young kids… stop trying to prove that you’re going to be bullied at school and just let it happen in its own time, alright?

Funnier still when one eager ‘hands up scientific big wordy answer’ about “Adhesion and frictional properties of binding agents” was awarded with a “No… that little girl over there got it right… it’s slime.

Nnyyyeeeeeeooooooowwwwww BOOM….. “argh… I appeared to of crashed, and now I am on fire…

Have crashed, not of. Enjoy the flames….

The thing is, even a real Einstein can’t show off in a room of kids. Kids have unbreakable logic & you’ll lose every time!

Showing how bubbles move slowly through different slimes, a golden tube of thick liquid was held up showing a slow moving bubble.

What do you think this yellow sticky stuff is?” asks the presenter.
Molasses” says the child genius, wondering if Granny will be knitting her a lovely chunky patterned jumper this year (every little helps towards alienation).

Golden syrup” says a little girl, finger deep in her nose.

THAT’S RIGHT!” says the presenter.

Alex shouts out “But honey is yellow and sticky too!

“Ah… yes, you’re right, yes it is, but this is syrup” says the presenter.

Alex beams a happy grin.

Alex is a child genius – He’s a genius at being a child – and I think that’s how it should be aged 4 an’ a bit…

Anyway, lots of fun was had at all of the events and Alex ended the week as a very happy lad. Then Chris cut his hair…. but forgot to put the stand off on the trimmer… Luckily Alex likes the “Daddy” look…


September Breakfast ClubLots of Jaguars and Mini’s made for a happy Father and Son….

Mercedes World and Brooklands Motor Museum Formula 1, Fire engines, race cars and aircraft…

Marwell Zoo and Marwell Tiger set Fighting Meercats, Big old Tigers and King Julian…

Then it was time for his first day at school. He had been looking forward to it all summer long – and he wasn’t disappointed. He loves learning and playing with his friends, so going to “Big School” really works for him!

Yup…. lots of photo’s were taken…

Alex on his first day

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