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Urban Myth Generation…

We need new urban myths…

In an idea kicked off by Nickie (friend on Twitter) …. how about spreading this baby and seeing how long it is until your friends report it back to you as “something that happened to their mates mate a few years ago….”

The basic myth:

A baker  working for a well known supermarket in Wolverhampton decided to get rid of his brothers huge stash of pot to try and get him off of drugs.

He took it to work to ditch later, but started to worry about getting caught on the way home, so put it in with the gingerbread man mix.

He was found out when an drugs bust a few days later on his brothers house found the place to be clean… apart from a bag of gingerbread men sniffed out by the police dog, that his brother had purchased a few days earlier….

The druggie brother wasn’t charged as they found no trace of his drugs (as they had been stolen and turned into gingerbread hippies)… but the brother who was trying to get the other off of the drugs was sentenced for endangering the public and tampering with food.

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The Tweeters Bullet Points

I have written a more IN DEPTH narrative twitter guide HERE – but for a quick reference I have also written this bullet point guide (below).

The Quick Tweet Guide

When using the main Twitter web page (HOME), these are some basic points:

I shall use my twitter name for the examples (LucasBlack)

NOTE: When a message is displayed in Twitter, it automatically has the senders name at the start.

E.g: LucasBlack This is my simple guide to using twitter. I hope it helps.

Tweets are made from 140 characters (including spaces… so think before you type!)


To write something in general (not to anyone in particular):

Type in the box and hit UPDATE.

E.g: LucasBlack Well I’ve arrived at work for another day. I really fancy a cup of tea.


Everyone can read this.


To write a message to a specific person:

Type the persons tweet name with an @ attached to the front as the very first part of the message. Hit UPDATE.

e.g: LucasBlack @ionacosmetics Hi there, I hope you like this guide enough to share with other people.


Only the people following you and following the person who it is addressed to will see this on the main page

Because of the @ at the start, this message will flag up in the persons @REPLIES tab.

These are not private messages, as others can see them by using the search function – see my narrative twitter guide HERE for more help with SEARCH


To write a message to only one person (a private message):

Type a D then space then the persons tweet name at the very start of the message. Hit UPDATE.

e.g: LucasBlack D ionacosmetics Hi there, I have a secret that I can only tell you. This is how I would do it.


No matter what is written, only the person sending and receiving the message can see what is in the message.


To REPLY to a  message:

Click the little arrow icon that appears at the end of the message you are replying to (it will appear when you move your mouse over the end of the message)

e.g: LucasBlack I am replying using the reply function so you know what I am replying to.


Reply should be used as it lets people know WHAT you are replying to. There is more in the other guide.


How to write a message to an individual that can also be seen by everyone else too:

Type something BEFORE the @ sign (e.g – Hey!), then type the persons name and message. Hit UPDATE.

e.g: LucasBlack Hey everyone, and especially @ionacosmetics. I hope you like my guide!


The moment you start a message with ANYTHING other than D or @ it becomes a public message. Although you have mentioned the person in the tweet, it WILL NOT show in their @Replies tab.

Don’t believe me? Look in your Twitter Web @Replies tab – All of the tweets will start with @YourName


How to tell your followers about other people they might like to follow:

Type something BEFORE the @ sign, then type the persons name and message. Hit UPDATE.

e.g: LucasBlack Hey everyone, Why not follow @hedgemag and @howlingwolf50 as they have some good stuff to say.


This is just like the previous message to an individual.

It works because mentioning anyone’s name with an @ attached to the front will allow people to click the name and go to that persons twitter page.


How to repeat (retweet or RT) a tweet message you thought was great:

Type RT then @ and the name of the person whose tweet you are repeating, then the message. Hit UPDATE.

e.g: RT @hedgemag ME! ME! I want to be in your great blog!”


By typing RT you are crediting the person in the message. It is the polite thing to do, as it wasn’t your material.


If you want to have a message retweeted:

Leave enough characters so the next person who wants to retweet your message can add RT @YOURNAME (and a space) to the start of the message.


Well, that covers a fair few of the bases. If you want to know more, or want to add more to this list, then please let me know.

For better twittering – and easier in my opinion, why not use iTweet. It was recommended to me by the great @belindaang


There is also a more narrative and in depth guide that I have written HERE.

This includes how to use hash tags and how to post pictures.

Other advice can be found by following DaivRawks or myself (LucasBlack)


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