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What happened?

My monthly blog hit average is gradually going up. That is to say that the number of new visitors to my blog is increasing on a daily basis.

If I get 20 hits here a day, then I’m pretty happy. Back in September I had a day with 70 hits! It was the best ever until today.

My latest entry posted yesterday saw a day with 60 visits – and that same entry (the one previous to this one!) carried on leading my blog today as I had over 100 hits!

I know a number of these are my good friends at Sniper Central, but that doesn’t account for all of that huge number!

It’s one of those small insignificant things that has put a smile on my face -I need things like that at the moment!

A small but more significant “thing” that was putting smiles on my face was Alex! He’s been great today pretending to be me on my old (glassless) glasses!

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