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Here Come the Girls

The girls have settled in well now. Bunty has made sure that the others all know that she is still queen bitch, but the others really only pay her lip service… Sorry, beak service…

The new girls are all competent jumpers, and even with cropped wings they still manage to reach new heights – literally. We’ve had to put higher netting up around the fences after Knickers found herself in the neighbours garden…. after getting on top of the hen house, along the fence & over the trellis…

Three of them are like shadows whenever we go out into the garden. Hulahoop, Porsche and Sonic have to be at our feet as soon as they see us. Hulahoop goes One further and tries to be eye level – or at least as high and close to us as possible. They are all very lovely ladies, and we’re glad that these rescued hens have settled in so well.

V8, 22 and Bunty… yup…

After Chicken 11 passed away I mention to a friend who was still undecided as to wether getting hens was a good idea, that if he really thought he had made the wrong choice, that we’d take on his three girls.

Much though he liked them, he decided that it wasn’t going to work for him, so today we added these ex-battery hens to our flock.

V8, Bunty and Chicken 22 (named in respect of Chicken 11) have settled right in and seem happy enough. They have met Mel, Ginger, Terri 2, Turbo & Crispy (albeit through mesh fence) and there seem to be no squabbles at all. A few raised voices, but no chest puffing and sizing up.

The drive home

The release….


Chris and Bunty


All together now...

A cat, a cat, with a two tone…..crack

At the back end of last year, Jacks, The Thoughtful Spaz posted a blog entry that requested 6 items of randomness from her friends and readers.

I read through my answer again today and decided to post in Sometimespace in an attempt to keep the smiles affixed to our faces. I want to use the blog to publish the news and rantings as and when things happen to the family – but at the same time I don’t want it to get too heavy or depressing, as that is no good to anyone, least of all me!

So, as a kick in the face to the bad stuff that is going on (just look in my blog archives from September 08 through to today…), here are the 6 randomossities about me that I laid out for Jacks:

6 random things….Nothing is really random if it has been asked – but as near as can be …. but I’ll do my best

  1. I once had a pony tail (I now shave the lot)
  2. On my first parachute jump my chute didn’t open properly and I had to take emergency measures.
  3. One of my cats has one ginger fur covered bum cheek, and one black fur covered bum cheek…. very funny when she walks away with her tail in the air. Yes, I have a cat with a two tone crack.
  4. I hate Parma Violets.
  5. I once saw Lou Reed perform with only 50(ish) people in the audience. The power failed, so we all gathered around him and he did an old acoustic set of Velvet Underground stuff.
  6. My second car had a concrete floor.

How’s that?

If you care to, then please comment with 6 of your own…

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