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EU – IN or OUT?


One EU comment I see Brexit people make is that trade won’t suffer, because Norway isn’t in the EU and it has great trade deals, so that’s brilliant.

Another comment I see is that leaving will give us control of our borders and get rid of immigrants, and we’d have more jobs etc.

Back to the Norway thing… Yes, they have a sweet deal going where they can trade and not be members.

Part of that deal is that Norway allow free movement of immigration, the same as the rest of the EU.

Oh… So… Free trade, but with immigration?!?

You mean both things go together, and not just one banner waving example to bias my decision based on a blinkered segment of information?!?

It’s about time some people left racism and knee jerk comments and banner waving at home, and looked at the bigger picture instead of focusing on one key thing that they *think* will change.

I see and hear too many people ranting, swearing, abusing, pros and cons based on heresay, poor or no research or simply because ‘BRITAIN!!!‘.

Others voting to exit because of WW2. Seriously, people don’t want to be close to Germany because of what Hitler did a lifetime ago.

Some want in/out because of what has happened (for example) to our diminished numbers of military personnel (or NHS or whatever…). You must be crazy to not realise that these things would’ve happened regardless.

Blaming the EU for things just because you need a scape goat. Ridiculous. It’s the same for people giving false credit to the EU for other things. Differentiate, people.

Others are looking to vote simply to spite or support what the political parties say, rather than what’s actually best. People not voting one way because ‘fucking Cameron‘ is voting that way, or ‘commie Corbyn‘ wants this way…

Who cares which way a political leader votes? I care about the outcome more than I care about some knuckle dragging thick-headed moron thinking I must be a supporter of Mr X because I voted one way or the other.

Looking and hearing some of the racist, hate filled and bigoted comments of people about this topic makes me think ‘does Europe even want us, if that’s the image we portray?!?

Some say who cares what Europe thinks of us? Fuck ’em! We’d be independent! BRITAIN!!!

Yeah, great attitude. We’d be right on the top of Europe’s ‘let’s trade with them‘ list, wouldn’t we?

‘Fuck off EU!!!….By the way… Do you want to buy some British cars, you bunch of immigrant loving foreigners?!?….  What do you mean ‘no’…?’

You know how we picture Trump and America…? We laugh at the idiot sheep that blindly follow him and his hype. Oh, how stupid Americans are! Look how they all rally around like idiots, Suckling on the teat of what that idiot spouts! Ha ha!

Yeah… Take a look at yourselves.

I despair at the increasingly misinformed, bigoted, rage fuelled reasons that people give for voting in or out.

Do yourselves a favour and actually do some proper research.

If we’re in or out, let’s be in or out because of intelligent fact based and fact checked knowledge, and not because a bunch of ignorant pricks voted due to whatever misinformed bandwagon they are hitched on to, or because a tabloid newspaper wrote some poorly thought out banner headline.

And that’s it.

Vote In or Out, but at least do yourself a favour and do some bloody research (that isn’t a tabloid, your mates or a politically biased website).

Falling off of the Wagon with Robin Williams

The ‘Band Wagon’ that is.

We are a weird lot.

A man funny man with depression dies: The World and an ape go nuts in mourning.

20,000 children die of malnutrition/starvation each day and we post selfies, Instagrams of our restaurant meals or moan about the fucking weather.

For a second I was suckered in to the Williams/Ape story.

I got angry that they even made the ape sad by telling it about his death.


Then I wondered if they were worried that the ape might find out anyway via Twitter or a passing chimp or something, so thought it best to tell the ape straight. Avoid the awkward ‘Oook! Ooook! When were you planning on telling me this pivotal news about the loss of this dude?!? Ooook’.

But then I snapped out of it, because an ape being unnecessarily sad over the death of a show biz celebrity just isn’t news, considering everything else going on.

One person stands out in his views of how ridiculous our priorities are. His wit & social comedic commentary in his stand up acts focused on this quite a lot.

He’d be rolling his fucking eyes at all of this right now.

I imagine he’d word it a little like this:

‘… and in a world where in one continent 20,000 kids die each day from starvation, and in another continent they have kids armed with AK47’s fighting wars against each other because one side dislikes dicks in turtleneck sweaters, we find a big monkey being upset by the untimely death of an alcoholic comic is the big news story… And they think I had a problem?’

Rest in peace, funny man. May many more people discover your stand-up and realise how fucked up we really are.


X-Factor Versus Rage Against the Machine

Okay, too much has been said about this already, but Simon Cowell really foot and mouthed it – and it sums it all up.

He complained that the push to get Rage Against the Machine (RATM) to number one for Christmas was both silly and cynical. He did not like the idea of this manufactured push to number one – hinting it was unfair….

With this in mind, please think about this….

Cowell puts on X-Factor to build up the buzz and hype around some wannabe pop stars.(These singers may have talent, but it really doesn’t matter, as all Cowell is doing is using them to his own cause).

He plans the show so that it ends just before Christmas.

The show hype is planned to hit fever pitch just in time for a Christmas release…. That’s a bit unfair…

All that built up hype from the TV show is then focused on the X-Factor winner (It doesn’t matter who wins…). It is unfair on all the other bands and singers that don’t have Cowell’s budget and the X-Factor backing.

On top of this, Cowell chooses a song from a current singer who already has a huge fan base… not just a huge fan base, but a huge fan base that crosses over into the X-Factor viewer fan base.

Yes… the X-Factor Christmas release already has fans BEFORE its release… before the singer is even chosen.

Cowell even said the song was chosen to boost the winners chance of a Christmas number 1!!!

So Cowell, shut the Hell up with your calls of  “unfair”  – You put everything into getting that number one spot – you do it for the money and you don’t care who your singer is, because you know the public will buy it anyway after all the planning you put into it.

It isn’t about the music, it’s about raping the British public for their money. It has so much planning, the singer doesn’t come into it.

So, who will win?

The chosen charity will get cash (a good thing)

Cowell will win, after all, the public brought into his crap, brought the single and after the prize money, expenses etc are split, he’s no worse off as the public financed it all with the record sales….


Even if they didn’t get number one, even if they only got into the top ten they will have won…. they will have got the message across that we, the thinking public, don’t want your forced X-Factor song EVERY BLOODY YEAR. That’s a win, even if the X-Factor had come in at Number 1.

If you really like Joe, then how can you let Cowell and his publicity machine use him – whore him out – as a puppet – just to line THEIR pockets…?

If you Love Joe… Buy RATM!

Puppet Boy


The UK’s Xmas Number 1 is Rage Against The Machine selling 502,672 copies. X Factor Joe is Number 2 having sold 450,838.

Joe – Keep up the music – but do it in your own time.

The RATM campaign was run by  @Jon_Magic & @Moogyboobles – Well done!

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