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Fat and Fit?

I’ve posted a new blog entry on fitness and weight loss HERE – at http://www.twa2lb.co.uk

Witness to idiocy

We have a sign on our door politely saying we do not want junk mail, fliers, menus or any cold callers. Very self explanatory.

So how come the foreign pamphlet distributers understand it, yet a couple of old English Jehova preachers don’t? You’re not special. The sign on the door doesn’t say “Except for blinkered religious nuts”.

I almost felt sorry for these pensioner preachers after their first few words…

“We are delivering this pamphlet World wide…”

In those shoes? Surely your feet will be killing you? And just that one pamphlet? You don’t expect more than one person in your World wide door knockathon to take the pamphlet?

Surely they meant that their organisation of brain washed lonelies were delivering pamphlets World wide, and not just them with that one pamphlet…?

No wonder they couldn’t understand the sign, they had barely enough brain washed understanding left to know how to ring a doorbell and spout out their emotionally bleached de-personalised bull.


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