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Stop that car!!!

Alex was watching the original “Italian Job” this morning and said how much he likes car chases (they have cars in, so I’m not shocked…). He asked me to find some more chases for him to watch, so I decided to blog the ones I think are top of the charts – or at least the ones that I think are top of the charts and available online to watch!

Some clips were unavailable, so I had to use what I could find – dodgy edits, condensed clips, altered music… but you get the idea.

A good chase is about the cars, the driving, the skills… and not the computer effects…. That’s why ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ and ‘Fast and the Furious’ don’t make the grade – they use CGI to augment the driving, and that takes me out of the moment.

That being said, the final scene in the first ‘Fast and the Furious’ is pretty good – and one of the best staged race/chases in the whole franchise.

A doff of my hat to the one good chase in the franchise…

And now, in no particular order…. the good stuff…

(Vetted by Alex..)

Dual (The movie IS the chase. Truck v Car)

The Italian Job (Original – not the weak 2003 version).

Quantum of Solace (Bond with no gadgets)

The Bourne Identity (Not a great recording of it though)


The Blues Brothers – Nazi “Always loved you”chase.

Gone in 60 Seconds – (The original 1974. No need for CGI)


The Blues Brothers – Condensed chase footage. Face it – the movie IS the car chase…

The French Connection

The Driver

And finally…. for a laugh…

The Blues Brothers chase in full… but with ‘Benny Hill’ effect…

What? You didn’t mention HERBIE?!

No I didn’t…. because it’s b******s. FACT.

Dung Beetle?

Finally finally…. because Alex likes it… (although it has software ┬áspeed help)

Me, my Audi and Goodwood circuit… (fitted with Macbook Turbo… )

Lucas Black… That’s me, but not that one.

It keeps happening….

People see my name on Twitter and Facebook and think I am Lucas Black.

Okay…. the game is up… I AM Lucas Black…. but here’s the big shock…. I’m not THAT Lucas Black…

I even tried editing Wikipedia, but SOME lover of the ‘actor’ decided to edit out my FACTUAL addition to the information….

Click to embiggen...

I get asked “Am I REALLY Lucas Black?” …. Yes I am… so is he…

It’s not like I hide my blog or profile details from people. If you go to my Twitter page or Facebook page there is a link to this blog…. and there is even a good quality photo of me… not standing next to a pimped up Japanese racing car or small American gothic type town…

I feel sorry for the guy – He must get loads of questions about me. There he is looking through his fan mail and slowly he realises he doesn’t do half the things these people are talking about… He must read about this other Lucas Black and wish he was me. Well, it ain’t going happen Lucas “Fast and the Furious” Black…. you could never be me, but don’t feel too bad about it – at least you’ll always be the guy who isn’t Vin Diesel….

Me .... and another Lucas Black ... and another guy that the other Lucas Black isn't

The Fast & the Frenchier

The weekly shop is always a treat for Alex.

Sporting his new hairdo, Alex happily played with his new car (less than 50p – cheaper than when I bought them as a kid!!!).

When Chris takes him shopping she always goes down the toy aisle first, then Alex chooses a small model car. This then keeps him entertained for the rest of the trip.

As well as the car, he munches on bits of French bread. Quite often he’ll much through 1/4 of a big stick! He always asks for for it, and it is better than sweets!

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