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Michael Jackson Died – Sad, but over blown.

Farrah Fawcett died, and so did Michael Jackson…. rumours are buzzing around about Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum… but the two that have backing and are currently legitimate are Fawcett and Jackson.

Don’t get me wrong – These people had an influence on the world, but let’s not blow this out of perspective.

I need to remind myself that the hysterical masses represent only a small number of his fans – as one great friend said on Twitter:

It is the media who are out of all proportion. Most of us just are feeling the way we feel, quietly. xxx

The blanket news coverage just winds me up – It’s like the rest of news doesn’t exist any more. Millions die all over the world with no one giving a damn. Are these people any less important?

It sickens me when the media bandwagon starts rolling on things like this. There are people fighting for freedom in Iran, there are starving millions and countries at war, yet Jackson’s death is the headline.

There is NOTHING else showing on Sky news…Nothing…..

He was a singer and writer – he was not a God or life saving scientist, he was not some person who ended wars or spent their life trying to improve life or save people in war torn, famine struck, disease swept continents. He did not cure cancer, he did not create free energy…. he sang songs people… he sang songs!

Okay, he wrote and performed some of the songs that are true modern classics. Personally I didn’t like his “preachy” songs, but his disco and dance tracks were great. Even those preachy songs were so very well written… He was a musical genius.

I can’t blame him for the press and media coverage – the hype was focused on him and he had little control of the sheer force of that.

Yes, it’s a little obvious that there was something a little unhinged about him, there were things he shouldn’t have done – innocent or not, and I think he needed more help than he got.

Beyond it all though he was still this musical genius.

Sickening though, that many things are now being wrongly assigned to Michael Jackson as if he was a hero – Including some reporters saying he brought black music to the whites… That happened years before he was even born… Anyone would think Michael Jackson was the worlds first black musician.

It’s all press and hype though. I’d like to think he’d be upset at the fact he has taken up so much news space when there are real global events of more urgent importance… His press coverage isn’t his fault after all – it’s the story hungry media that is too blame… Again.

Hopefully Jackson will finally have peace.


DSC01882, originally uploaded by L.B.

After I returned from the MACH08 show at the NEC I had to get an MRI scan due to issues with my hands.

Opposite the hospital there is a playing field, so I drove to the hospital with Chris and Alex so he could have a run about whilst I was scanned.

Several things became apparent during the scan:

Being in an MRI machine is weird. If you are claustrophobic, then it’s not going to be a great place to be. You are slid up into a tight fitting tube and have to lay there for about 15 minutes. It is lit inside so appears to be bright white. It has a silver line painted along the centre of the inside top of the tube which was only a few inches from my nose….too near to focus, so keeping my eyes open was not great as they kept trying to focus but blurring…In the end I just stared through the line….

Besides the close fitting tube the other major thing you notice inside is the noise….it sounds like a bad sound track from a 70’s sci-fi movie! BAM….BAM…BAM….BAM…BAM….bzzzzzzzzz… ..BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM……bzzzzz .. BADUM…….BADUM…..BADUM…..BADUM…… Flash? we only have 10 minutes to save the World….

Finally……any metal you might have on you vibrates…..Quite odd.

I don’t know what the results are yet, but I have an urge to take the space rocket Ajax for a flight….

After the scan I went over to the field to play with Alex and Chris. Alex has taken to running everywhere at top speed – which I find quite funny because his hair has yet to be cut, and as such it bounces in a Farrah Fawcett style….oh dear…more reference to the 70’s and bad films!


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