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Black Rhino Down

The Western Black Rhino has been declared extinct.

Good job guys. Hope you feel proud.

We look back at the human caused extinction of the Dodo and we think how stupid we were… and yet it goes on.

Anyway, with this in mind… a philosophical question for you… (fictional…)

Pay to Kill
A company is set up to breed endangered species.

This costs a lot of money to run, so to fund themselves they open a reserve for hunters to pay top dollar to hunt & kill the endangered animals.

They plan to release a breeding pair of an endangered species for every one of that type that is shot.

So, for every three lions they breed, one is put on the reserve to be hunted, and the other two (breeding pair) are released to the wild.

This means:

Without the company, for each endangered animal that is hunted & killed there is one less of that animal in the world (until they are extinct).

With the company, for each endangered animal that is killed there are two introduced back into the world.

Allow this company to set up breeding & controlled hunting & save a species OR don’t allow it and wipe out a species through illegal poaching…

There are only two options to discuss:
For or against?

Kill all Tigers?

Okay, so here’s a hypothetical for you…

A company is set up to breed and save endangered species. They are the only company with a successful breeding program, They need to find a means of income, and the only means of income that will cover their needs is from setting up a Game Park for the hunting of endangered species by wealthy game hunters.

The deal is this – The company will release two animals to the wild (a breeding pair) for every six animals that they breed in their organisation. The other four animals will be released into a game park to be hunted and killed.

So… for example… The Tiger is slowly dying out. This organisation comes along and breeds them to be hunted and shot… but also releases one third of what it breeds into the wild.

Without the company, the Tigers will die out anyway, but with the company the numbers will increase, but over half will be shot for game…. Those are the only two choices.

The only way to conserve the numbers is to fund the conservation by killing them……

It’s just a thought – very Utilitarian philosophical question…..

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