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Twitter Collapse

It’s that time of year when SMS, email, phone networks and so called social networks all grind to a constipated halt, just letting out dribs and drabs of messages¬† in flatulent bursts….

With that in mind, I hope that this WordPress blog entry gets out to you all!

From all in the Black household, be that human, hen, cat or horse….

….. We wish you all a…



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Email to blog. A quick test. Again.

Email to blog. A quick test. Again.
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I don’t know about you, but it appears that everything must be over complicated.

Take blogging – Write something, add a photo and publish….keeping it simple…YET I have still to find a blog that is really that simple!

Meanwhile, here’s a photo I took today with my new Fuji E900 9mp digicam. Easy to use, superb images and yet versatile enough for those that want a little more from a camera. Sales pitch over…

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