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NSRA/Eley results

I’m pretty happy with12th in class considering the medical issue with my hands. I know where I lost a few places, but all in all out of the several hundred that entered, I still rank 34. So mustn’t grumble…especially with the typical wind, calm and rain of Bisley!

Thanks to Ali A for taking my picture and generally keeping me calm by his presence in these less than ideal conditions….and congratulations to him for getting 3rd in class (even if it did mean he beat me!)

NSRA/Eley finals

What a windy day it is here at Bisley. The wind flags are next to useless as they are just flying perfectly horizontally.

I have shot my two details, but they were hard work, and not great…but a scan along the other shooters in my class showed it was a common problem. I’m now waiting for the scores and prize giving. Where ever I come, I’m still very happy to have beaten several hundred other shooters to get into the top 40. Anything else is just the icing on the cake.

More to come when I get the results!

View through my spotting scope

Horizontal wind flags and sun…. soon to be replaced by black clouds and rain.

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