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Goodwood Revival 2012

The Revival was upon us again….

So a few years ago I got to sit in a Jaguar XJ13 whilst talking to Norman Dewis – and that was a Revival meeting that is hardly ever to be topped… but this year came close. (See that 2009 write up HERE).

Over the years more and more people have decided to don period clothes and dress for the occasion that is one of, if not the world leading classic motor sports events. Last year we didn’t dress up, and that was the year that we felt more out of place for not dressing up, than if we had dressed up…. So this year we went in style…

Chris went in a military style, as did Alex, and I went as a 30’s racing driver.

As usual, the entire day was fantastic – that’s pretty much standard for the Revival, but this time we were invited as guests, so got a little closer to the action, sounds and smells of the racetrack.

It was astounding. Driver changes and pit stops within arms reach! Cars worth hundreds of thousands, even millions, of pounds, were racing as if it was 1960 all over again.

We’re not talking sedate demonstration laps – We are talking foot to the floor, spinning out on corners and sharing paintwork style racing…. Exactly what these cars were designed to do. When you see a Ferrari GTO rub up alongside an Aston Martin, or a ¬£10 million Maserati spin off and slam into a tyre wall, then you know these drivers are in it to win, and not to show off the looks of these often unique historic cars.

What was the value of all the cars there over the weekend? I’d hate to think! Even a parade of classic Ferrari GTO’s must have topped 10’s of millions!!!

GTO’s are surely a pricey car…. but then I saw this line up…

The most expensive car total value on the track at one time must belong to the German ‘Silver Arrows‘…. The original German bad boys of motor racing.

The pre-WW2 silver Mercedes and Auto Union ballistic racing cars that dominated the sport… V16 engines, rear mounted, meticulously built with typical German detail and precision. Even now, these cars are a marvel of engineering. Just looking into the engine bay you can’t believe that these are 1930’s racers!

Not just cars though – The track was filled with vintage motorbikes, tearing around on the ragged edge of their limits… and beyond! Vincent, Norton, Rudge, BMW, Ariel, Honda… so many types – and the noise was all enveloping!

For a motorsport enthusiast or just for a fun day out to see all the events and sideshows, Goodwood Revival really is second to none. For me, one of the highlights was the pit stop that was that arms reach away….

I say ‘one‘ of the highlights, because as I walked around after the racing had ended, I saw a Tojeiro chassis Jaguar D-Type. Much like today, many racing cars used to be custom built to suit certain specifications.

Quite often a standard car was modified to suit a particular need, and Tojeiro used to work with Jaguars to produce some top racers of the day. Trojeiro’s work eventually lead to the monster Shelby Cobra, so he has a pretty substantial claim in the racing car hall of fame.

7 GNO : Year of Manufacture 1956 : Date of First Registration 19 04 1956

Anyway, several Trojeiro models were racing, and after the day of racing ended I went to have a closer look. One of the best looking (in my opinion) was the first Trojeiro, based on the D-Type Jaguar (which was a stunning car in its own rights, and one of my all time favourites). Luckily enough, 7GNO was at Goodwood on this Revival Sunday…


Well…. If you don’t ask….

There are MANY more photos and films HERE!!!


Stop that car!!!

Alex was watching the original “Italian Job” this morning and said how much he likes car chases (they have cars in, so I’m not shocked…). He asked me to find some more chases for him to watch, so I decided to blog the ones I think are top of the charts – or at least the ones that I think are top of the charts and available online to watch!

Some clips were unavailable, so I had to use what I could find – dodgy edits, condensed clips, altered music… but you get the idea.

A good chase is about the cars, the driving, the skills… and not the computer effects…. That’s why ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ and ‘Fast and the Furious’ don’t make the grade – they use CGI to augment the driving, and that takes me out of the moment.

That being said, the final scene in the first ‘Fast and the Furious’ is pretty good – and one of the best staged race/chases in the whole franchise.

A doff of my hat to the one good chase in the franchise…

And now, in no particular order…. the good stuff…

(Vetted by Alex..)

Dual (The movie IS the chase. Truck v Car)

The Italian Job (Original – not the weak 2003 version).

Quantum of Solace (Bond with no gadgets)

The Bourne Identity (Not a great recording of it though)


The Blues Brothers – Nazi “Always loved you”chase.

Gone in 60 Seconds – (The original 1974. No need for CGI)


The Blues Brothers – Condensed chase footage. Face it – the movie IS the car chase…

The French Connection

The Driver

And finally…. for a laugh…

The Blues Brothers chase in full… but with ‘Benny Hill’ effect…

What? You didn’t mention HERBIE?!

No I didn’t…. because it’s b******s. FACT.

Dung Beetle?

Finally finally…. because Alex likes it… (although it has software ¬†speed help)

Me, my Audi and Goodwood circuit… (fitted with Macbook Turbo… )

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